As a Fundraising team that’s been in operation since 2019, one thing remains clear. Today’s world is full of people willing to support a fundraising campaign they believe in, but only if the fundraisers can connect and appeal to them. In other words, it is solely upon the fundraisers to seek out their support base without leaving a single stone unturned.

Tommy Sugo fundraising understands this and has thus developed creative and innovative fundraising ideas that charm all generations. 

These fundraising ideas are inspired by the need to entertain while compelling your supporters to support your fundraising.

How Tommy Sugo Fundraising ensures access to all generations when fundraising for you.

  • We are keeping abreast of current affairs to ensure we are at the top of our game regardless of any changes in the world today.
  • We are researching your target audience. We know what appeals to Gen-Z that will also work for millennials or earlier generations.
  • We use effective and suitable communication channels.
  • We provide numerous ways for people to support your cause.

Tommy Sugo’s Fundraising Ideas for All Ages and Interests.

1. Social Media as Your Online Fundraising Idea.

At Tommy Sugo fundraising, we know that a weak social media presence will deprive you of support from millennials and the Gen-Z generation. This is why we are dedicated to offering help in creating customised social media posts and video material for your fundraising campaign.

For instance, our team will help you create content driven by our delectable recipes and magazine-worthy dishes for aesthetic purposes when considering food fundraising ideas. This can be in the form of videos for your reels or stories on Instagram and Facebook.

Our marketing team prides itself in effectively marketing to all ages by simply focusing on social media to attract the young and compelling the older generation to participate. 

2. Graphic Design Fundraising Idea.

With Young adults interested in being involved with causes that interest them, successfully appealing to them gives your organisation a chance to gain new supporters.

According to studies, Millennials, Generation Z, and Generation X are more likely to connect to content with graphics. Graphics are essential for spreading your message and helping people recall information.

Since millennials and Gen-Z are digitally inclined, graphics on social media platforms are appropriate. This strategy appeals to young adults and allows organisations to win them over as their new audience.

Where can you employ Tommy Sugo’s graphics design fundraising ideas?

All fundraising ideas in Perth could utilise the benefits of graphics design. From creating graphics for school fundraising ideas, and visual art for food fundraising ideas to visuals for students, there is nothing you can’t do with graphic design.

3. Catering as Your Fundraising Idea.

As a food fundraising idea, catering is not partial to a single age group. Our team appreciates that we form friendships, maintain relationships, mark significant occasions, and express gratitude for life through sharing a meal.

Consequently, Tommy Sugo uses catering as a social agent to ensure maximum support for your fundraising event. 

We pride ourselves in attention to detail, the use of seasonal foods, and authentic recipes guaranteed to make your guests come back for seconds. This is Italian cuisine at its finest, perfect for any gathering for a complete sensory experience. You can use our food for your catering needs, whilst raising fund! Genius!

When looking for a diverse dietary caterer, you can rest assured that the Tommy Sugo catering menu is unlimited. We cater to practically every dietary desire known to man. Our catering menu includes gluten-free, gluten-friendly, low carb, spelt, vegegarian and vegan alternatives for your upcoming event.

Please feel free to click here to explore our catering menu options and reach out to plan your next event with us.

4. Pop-Up Stores as Your Fundraising Idea in Perth.

Whether you are fundraising for a sports team, for schools, or organisations in Perth, Tommy Sugo Fundraising provides a variety of fundraising alternatives.

The use of pop-up stores is gaining traction every day in the fundraising world. 

The upside to selecting a pop-up store as your next fundraising idea is they appeal to more than just one particular age group.  

In addition to catering to all ages, Tommy Sugo Pop-up shops can be employed independently as your fundraising event. In this option, the shop is set up for one to three hours at any physical location in Perth, selling the Tommy Sugo Cook-At-Home Range meal kit. The sales are tracked via the customised link created purposely for your fundraiser. (Learn more about our customized Links.)


If you want to raise more funds, consider pairing the pop-up store option with any other options from Tommy Sugo Fundraising.

To find out if you are eligible for our pop-up shop fundraising support, kindly reach us through our fundraising inquiries contact number; 0424-505-053.

Tommy Sugo Fundraising Is Your Best Bet.

Whether you are looking for a fundraising idea for students or schools or food fundraising ideas to employ in any and all your fundraising efforts, rest assured Tommy’s Team has something in store for you. Partner with Tommy Sugo Fundraising, and let us do the heavy lifting for you.


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