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At Tommy Sugo we specialise in the most gourmet options of pasta for catering known to mankind! Whether it’s corporate catering, lunch catering, small party catering or any other Italian catering in Perth, we can make your next party or event one of the tastiest possible. We can assist with all your Italian catering in Perth needs including:

Catering Menu

Catering enquiries: Info@tommysugo.com.au // Www.tommysugo.com.au

$12 Per Person

Arancini Balls (2)

Pasta (Choose 1)


Sauce (Choose 1)

Saucy Red Napolitana
Mr. Meaty Bolognese

$16.95 Per Person

Arancini Balls (2)
Croquettes (2)

Pasta (Choose 1)

Chicken Tortellini

Sauce (Choose 1)

Saucy Red Napolitana
Mr Meaty Bolognese
Tommy’s Sugo Sauce

$19.95 Per Person

Arancini Balls (2)
Croquettes (2)
Sicilian Meatballs (2)

Pasta (Choose 1)

Chicken Toretllini
Gnocchi (Gluten Friendly)
Cheese and Spinach Tortellini
Veal, Chicken, Sautéed bacon Tortellini

Sauce (Choose 1)

Saucy Red Napolitana
Mr Meaty Bolognese
Tommy’s Sugo Sauce

Finger Food Platters

Mixed Arancini (75) – $78
Croquettes (50) – $89
Sicilian Meatballs (40) – $75

*Minimum 10 people for catering packages*
Parmesan & Fresh Chilli included for orders over $150, Otherwise charged at $1 each per person as requested.

Contact us for our latest catering options.

Call: 0468 484 837


0468 484 837: Catering Inquiries

Finger Food Catering In Perth

Arancini                                         Croquettes                                    Meat balls

Our finger food Catering in Perth options are great for entertaining, birthday parties, Xmas parties, celebrations, work gatherings etc. We Harvest our arancini balls while they are still babies, cutting them off our arancini trees (that’s a joke in case you missed our not too funny dad jokes) while they are just the size of a golf ball. Perfect for getting a mouthful of flavour, without having to consume a large full meal of rice. Our arancini are all part of my Sicilian father-in-law, “Sam’s” recipes for finger food catering. Everything Sam makes are the tastiest I have ever tried (Nathan here – son-in-law & founder of Tommy Sugo).

How we make our Italian catering in Perth

Welcome to a world of irresistible arancini for finger food catering, where each bite is a flavour-packed journey! Indulge in our delightful selection:

  1. Spinach with 5 Cheese Arancini: Dive into the perfection of our best-selling vegetarian arancini balls. Loaded with not just one, two, or three, but five different cheeses, these little wonders ooze with cheesy goodness. Perfect for when four cheeses just won’t cut it! Even the fussiest of kids in lunch catering can’t resist the allure of these delectable delights.
  2. Pumpkin Feta Arancini: Gluten-friendly and bursting with flavour, our Pumpkin Feta Arancini is a treat for your taste buds. They are free from gluten ingredients but cooked in the same oil as our gluten arancini, (not suitable for celiacs). Coated in polenta instead of breadcrumbs, these vegetarian delights are light, tasty, and perfect for those seeking a gluten-friendly catering in Perth option.
  3. Harvey Beef Arancini: Experience the essence of traditional Italian catering with our Harvey Beef Arancini. Crafted with love using local Harvey Beef, these small balls are stuffed with slow-cooked beef and a sprinkle of peas for that extra burst of flavour. We bring the taste of Italy to your small party catering in Perth.

Small Stand Up or Main Course / Dinner Catering Options

Raviolis Tortellini                       Lasagna                            Cannelloni

If you need dinner or lunch party catering or basically something more substantial than our finger catering in Perth, we can take you from entertained to full belly status. We are famous for our raviolis and the following are ridiculously packed full of flavour:

  1. Beef Cheek Red Wine Ravioli: Savour the Sensation!Indulge in our star dish, the Beef Cheek Red Wine Ravioli – a fan favourite that steals the show every time! With thin pasta enveloping locally-sourced beef cheeks slow-cooked in red wine, this masterpiece is our richest and most flavoursome creation yet. Even the little ones adore it, as the alcohol content takes a back seat after its magical slow-cooking journey.Let our caterers for home parties make the perfect beef cheek red wine ravioli to leave your guests wanting for more.
  2. Porcini Mushroom, Ricotta, Zucchini Cannelloni: A Symphony of Vegetarian Delight!Our bestseller among vegetarian options, the Porcini Mushroom, Ricotta, Zucchini Cannelloni, is a medley of thin pasta, porcini mushrooms, and truffle oil. This harmonious blend creates an explosion of flavours that you can distinctly taste, especially when paired with our mouthwatering pesto sauce. A delightful journey for your taste buds, perfect for any small party catering in Perth.
  3. Duck Ravioli with Wild Mushroom & Kakadu Plum: Pure Culinary Magic!Another chart-topper, our Duck Ravioli is a sweet and rich delight that pairs perfectly with our super-thin pasta. We’ve balanced this indulgent treat with Kakadu plum, renowned for its high antioxidant levels. The result? A flavorful symphony that will have your diners raving! Drizzle some pesto over it, and you’ve got perfection on a plate for your lunch catering.
  4. Beyond the Basics: Unleashing Pasta catering in Perth excellence!Now, for the traditionalists, we do have the classics – spaghetti, penne, linguini, fettuccine, and gnocchi, all expertly crafted for those who appreciate the timeless. But let’s be honest, our hearts beat a little faster for the extraordinary. If you’re a fan of the classics, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just head to our cook-at-home range (www.tommysugo.com.au), and we’ll whip up any of these timeless favourites for you. After all, variety is the spice of life, and at Tommy Sugo, we offer pasta catering in Perth!

Dessert Catering In Perth

We also offer dessert catering in Perth. Our top desert is Nutella donut balls dusted in cinnamon sugar & Nutella dipping sauce which is perfect for any Italian careering in Perth. These work best cooked just before eating when they are at their softest and tastiest. Make sure to not leave these donut balls for a long time prior to eating!

Make the people go OMG on your next function or party by making Tommy Sugo your caterer. Whether it’s corporate catering, milestone birthday celebration, or any type of Italian catering, we have the perfect function or party catering packages to suit your event.Tommy Sugo offers the most reliable caterers for home parties.

Catering enquiries: info@tommysugo.com.au

Italian Catering Perth Pick Up

Sorry for any confusion if this sounds like a dating agency, I’m referring to how you get hold of our amazing Tommy Sugo catering. Most catering is pick up from our Tommy Sugo Nedlands store, details as below. We can have it cooked ready and fresh for you to pick up at a time organised by you. For larger orders we can organise a delivery.

Orders can be done for up to several hundred eaters. The record we have done is 400, so we know this level is doable. We might even be able to organise arancini to be cooked at your venue, so they are crispy and amazing, subject to costs.


Our Italian Catering Perth Options include the following:

  • Meals
  • Finger food
  • Special dietary requirements
  • Birthdays
  • Special Events
  • Parties
  • Work functions


Make sure you organize your catering ahead of time.  Although we are amazing, and can almost walk on water, and if you get stuck, we can usually make the magic happen for your catering job with little notice, we do prefer 7 days’ notice. This way we can milk the cows, grow the wheat, harvest the crops, mill the flour and make the pasta for you fresh…and prevents stressing our team out as well.

Please book a catering for any orders over 30 meals with us by giving our humas a quick call at the Nedlands store.

Whether it’s a corporate fundraiser or a milestone birthday celebration, we have the perfect function or party catering packages to suit your event.

So if you are looking for Perth pasta catering, let us help you make your special events better, tastier and easier!

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