Tommy Sugo Logo


He’s the master in his field and has been toiling away for more than 30 years to bring traditional pasta (with a twist) to the people of Perth.

He’s the kingpin of health, bringing nutrition & well-being into the mix, with the likes of spelt pasta and fresh organic ingredients.

He’s travelled the world & spent years cultivating his own coffee blend.

He is Tommy Sugo…    MODERN // ITALIAN // FAST.

Tommy Sugo Spaghetti & Espresso is brought to you by Sam and his son-in-law, Nathan…The Chef + The Naturopath.

After years at the round table aka dinners at the in-laws, Nathan and Family decided that the delicious pasta meals they’d become accustomed to were just too good to keep to themselves and it was time to take it to the people.

But opening just another Italian restaurant really didn’t float their boat.

They wanted to offer pasta with a difference, accessible to everyone at any time.

They wanted to give traditional Sicilian street snacks the fame they so deserved.

They wanted great coffee available all day, every day.

And so Tommy Sugo Spaghetti & Espresso – the modern Italian concept – was born.