Tommy Sugo Wholesale

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Want more customers sales and profits for your business ?

Want to offer restaurant meals with absolute ease ?

Want great food fast for your customers ?

Tommy Sugo provides cook-to-order restaurant meals with ease and simplicity.

Add us to your existing menu or use this as a full restaurant meal solution.

Prepare Tommy Sugo menu items with procedures so simple 14 year old staff members can run your business.

Here’s what you get an instantly,

  • Servable menu.
  • Portion control pasta.
  • Chef created menu items.
  • Known and loved brand.
  • Zero food wastage.
  • Zero staff expertise required.
  • Minimal daily prep time needed.
  • Fast high volume meal production capacities.
  • Easy to follow processes immediate sales via delivery partners strong marketing exposure and training as required.

Tommy Sugo is Australia’s tastiest fast served pasta restaurant.

We provide portion control pastas sauces, arancinis and much more using simple processes to add amazing restaurant meals to your business it’s profitability through simplicity.