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Nedlands Takeaway / Catering Inquiries: 0468 484 837

Is this Australia’s Tastiest and healthiest take away in Nedlands?

At Tommy Sugo Take away Nedlands, we are passionate about preparing happiness through food. To us this means making awesome tasting healthy pasta to make your life that much easier in a non-fuss quick serve manner.

Our mission is to make super flavoursome healthy Italian food and be the best low fuss take away Nedlands has to offer! Our family and team make all our Tommy Sugo pastas, sauces, arancini’s and much more from scratch, and we believe we have Australia’s tastiest pasta…but you be the judge!

Our Top 3 Most Popular Take Away Meal Options

If it is a massive taste experience you are after, here are our top 3 award winning best sellers at Tommy Sugo Nedlands Take away

  • Beef cheek and red wine ravioli- this has been voted our best tasting pasta 3 years in a row! Also available in our cook at home, home delivery range, this is link nothing you have ever tasted before. Once our customers get onto this one, its rare that they ever deviate and order a different meal from us
  • Duck Wild Mushroom Kakadu Plum Ravioli – before we started making our beef cheer red wine ravioli, Duck had been our long-standing best seller. Our recipe is so tasty, it makes this pasta totally unique and absolutely loved! For this you don’t need much sauce, our napolitana or pesto are both great options. Unlike many other raviolis on the market this ravioli we make aas with all our raviolis are totally full of flavour and you will definitely taste thee duck and other ingredients in it!
  • Porcini Mushroom Mascarpone Truffle Oil Ravioli – Mushroom and more mushroom! If you are not a mushroom fan, leave this one right alone! Packed full of mushrooms and truffle flavour from our local truffle oil, this pasta is another creation of my talented father-in-law Sam, and is in our top 3 best sellers!

Although our spaghettis, linguini and penne’s are popular, our above 3 raviolis are a total experience and something totally different. If you want real flavour and variety, don’t pass by our unique raviolis!



150 Different Pasta Sauce Combinations = Variety is the key!

When it comes to pasta, no takeaway on the plant offers more variety. With 17 pasta options, 9 choices of sauces, that’s a total of over 150 different meal options. So you could literally eat with use every night for 5 months and never eat the same meal combination once over that time!

Arancini’s anyone? Our award-winning baby arancini’s are a massive hit! About the size of a golf ball, these tasty little packages are crispy on the outside and soft a gooey inside!

Here’s a look at our total cooked pasta offerings

Top 17 Pasta Options at Tommy Sugo – in order of most unique

  1. Beef Cheek Red Wine Ravioli
  2. Duck Wild Mushroom Kakadu Plum Ravioli
  3. Porcini Mushroom Mascarpone Truffle Oil Ravioli
  4. Ricotta Pesto Spelt Ravioli
  5. Lamb Bush Tomato Native Mint Spelt Ravioli
  6. Cheese spinach Stuffed Gnocchi
  7. Pumpkin Feta Ravioli
  8. Sweet Potato, Eggplant, Chickpea Vegan Ravioli
  9. Harvey Beef Ravioli
  10. Gluten Free Penne
  11. Low Carb Zoodles
  12. Chicken Tortellini
  13. Gnocchi – traditional gluten free
  14. Low Carb Fettucini
  15. Spaghetti
  16. Penne
  17. Linguini



Unique Pastas

Are you bored of the same old meals when it comes to take away or eating out? It’s time to get adventurous and excited your culinary options with some totally unique meals at Tommy Sugo!

Did you know we are the only pasta company in Australia who make our amazing 10,000 year old spelt raviolis?

  1. Ricotta Pesto Spelt Ravioli
  2. Lamb Bush Tomato Native Mint Spelt Ravioli

Spelt is a beautiful grain, a little like whole meal in nature and is light on the tummy and doesn’t generally cause bloating. Quite a healthy grain over all! It still has gluten but some people with sensitivities seem to tolerate it better.


Health and Flavour When it Comes to Pasta

Tommy Sugo was created by a combination of a naturopath – Nathan, who has a passion for adding a healthy twist to all menu items where possible, and Sam his Sicilian father-in-law who has been making pasta for over 36 years. We believe where passion for flavour and a focus on health meet, we can provide the best of both worlds. As a result, our Italian restaurant food offerings include pasta and menu items in the following categories:

1) Traditional Italian pastas

2) Gluten free pastas

3) Low carb pasta options

4) Ancient 10,000-year-old Spelt raviolis

5) Vegan ravioli

6) Dairy free & low fodmap choices

We all want convenience and time saving in this busy world. As such, you can grab lunch or dinner for the family in minutes cooked to order in our fast serve casual take-away, and we now also offer home delivery via Uber Eats.

Shark Tank

Did you see us on Shark Tank? We pitched our restaurant concept on channel 10’s Shark Tank to a bunch of hungry investors. Although we did receive offers from the sharks, at this stage we are still independent and working hard at delivering awesome food in our restaurants and via our home delivery methods on our own. We are passionate about growing Tommy Sugo and feel with great food, great value and a great team at our helm, we can make more and more customers lives that much more enriched.



Perth’s Biggest Choice of Gluten Free Pasta Take Away Meals in Nedlands

Tommy Sugo Take Away Nedlands has a great choice of gluten free meal delivery options as well as gluten friendly pasta options.  Be it take away or home delivery via Uber Eats of our lovely gluten alternative pasta and meal options are a brilliant alternative for those with celiacs disease or just wanting to limit their gluten intake.

If you have an extreme gluten sensitivity, please make sure you advise the team when you order, so we can ensure our gluten free meal options are cooked separately. Many of our customers enjoy our gluten free options without being gluten intolerant, so please make sure you do clearly advise us if you want it cooked separately.

Here are our tasty Gluten Free Meal Options:     

1)      Gluten Free Penne:  made from brown rice, small tubes of pasta, great with any of our gluten free sauce options


2)      Low Carb Gluten Free Fettuccine: This is different and seriously yummy! Great texture, dark colour and tastes amazing just like real traditional pasta! It’s also ery low carb with less than 4g per 100g and is vegan as well! Goes well with all our sauce options.


3)      Low Carb Gluten Free Zucchini Spaghetti: this is our 100% zucchini that we spiralise and very lightly blanch. It’s basically raw, and then we add a hot sauce over the top. Very healthy. Looks like spaghetti but is 100% zucchini. Combine it with one of our gluten free high protein sauces (like Tommy Sugo sauce with beef, chicken, and tomato), and you have a meal great for weight control and gluten free.


4)      Gluten Free / Gluten Friendly Gnocchi: we make our gnocchi out of rice, corn and potato. No gluten products are in this, however it’s made in a kitchen where we make our other tasty gluten containing pastas! Our gluten friendly gnocchi are so good, we serve it as our standard gnocchi. Don’t let the secrete out but this gnocchi is so good our customers don’t even know it contains no gluten. 


Tommy Sugo Gluten Free Gluten Friendly Sauces

1)      Tommy Sugo: chicken, beef & tomato – one of our most popular sauces! Full of flavour!

2)      Saucy Red Napolitana (tomato & basil) – good for fussy eaters. Simple and tasty

3)      Mr Meaty Bolognese (Harvey beef & tomato) – traditional Italian sauce, full of flavour and meaty!

4)      The Hulk Pesto (nut free with 3 seasonal greens) – works well on one of our pastas with lots of flavour. Very light sauce, so better if you are after flavour rather than volume. If you want an absolute taste sensation, add this as a topper ontop of any of our other sauces and experience another level of flavour!

5)      Hot Chick (Chickpeas, zucchini & chilli) – vegan sauce, a little spicey but will not burn your mouth out. Loads of flavour here in this gluten free sauce.

6)      Mr Simple (parmesan & EV olive oil) – kids seem to like this. It’s pretty basic, nothing fancy, literally only parmesan and olive oil.

7)      Holy Vampire (garlic, chilli & EV olive oil) – simple, hot and spicey. Wont fill you up but very tasty and spicey!

Remember, if you are seriously reactive to gluten, kindly advise our team when ordering so as to ensure we take additional precautions to cook your pasta separately and ensure no cross contamination!


All our catering is done at our Nedlands Take Away store. If you want tasty and healthy catering that won’t break the bank, we can help. From finger foods including our world-famous baby arancini balls, to a fancy ravioli with porcini mushroom, mascarpone cheese and truffle oil, we can cater your event.

From finger foods to main course from 10 people to 400 people made in our restaurants and served hot to your door. We can cater for almost every dietary desire known to man. You won’t go hungry.

Call for our latest pricing options.


Pasta and Coffee

Not only do we offer the best pasta this side of the parmesan moon, but we are also very proud of our coffee!

You can always grab a late night coffee, as we are open 10am-8pm Monday to Friday and 10am-8.30pm Friday to Sunday, so any time we are open, feel free to grab a coffee take away to keep you fueled up.

We do often get UWA stundents coming for coffee as most cafes stop serving coffee after 2pm. But we don’t! Great coffee is available up to 8pm or 8.30pm at Tommy Sugo Nedlands!

Nedlands Takeaway / Catering Inquiries: 0468 484 837