Our Philosophy

Nothing beats a plate of pasta.

Rich tomato sugo cascading down a mountain of spaghetti, a dash of extra virgin olive oil, a sprinkling of parmesan, waiting to be devoured.

Good, simple food at it’s best.

And that’s what Tommy Sugo is all about…good, simple food, fast.

More specifically, Tommy Sugo brings you Modern Italian, fast.

Our Pasta

Our pasta recipes have been developing for more than 30 years…we really do live, breathe and eat what we do!

The Classic
Golden Australian durum wheat semolina and farm fresh eggs are at the heart of our traditional family-made products.

Spelt Pasta
The ancient spelt grain has been welcomed into the family for its extensive health benefits. A non genetically modified grain, spelt flour is a little more nutty and
grainy than our other pastas, is super flavoursome and is easy on your digestion. Could it get any better?

Gluten Free
The word around town is that our gluten free gnocchi (fluffy potato dumplings) are the bee’s knees. The people have spoken!

Low Carb
We love our spiraliser! Our low carb vegetable spirals have been permanently adopted into the fold. Current offerings are zucchini and sweet potato, making for a light, guilt-free meal.

Our Sauces

From our classic Saucy Red Napolitana to our namesake Tommy’s Sugo, our pasta sauces are bursting with pure authenticity and flavour.

The best fresh local ingredients.

Slow cooked.

We believe in keeping it simple.