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As a proud Perth based family business, the Tommy Sugo team has always strived to make a positive contribution to our local community. Our commitment to do so resulted in the establishment of Tommy Sugo Fundraising, which has been in operation since 2019.

The fundraising arm of our business was set up with the aim of being actively involved in local charitable initiatives by partnering with a wide variety of organisations including Perth schools; charities; groups; and clubs, who we have helped over the years to successfully raise 10’s of 1000’s of dollars. The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Darling Range Wildlife Shelter, Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation, St Colomba’s Primary (South Perth), Millen Primary School (Vic Park), HorsePower and Diving WA can be counted among some of our past fundraising partners.

Once Tommy Sugo Fundraising was up and running, it soon became apparent to us that there was a significant demand in the community for assistance in the field and that many of our partners were actively seeking unique and engaging methods of raising much needed income for a wide array of projects, while finding ways of providing great value to their supporters.

To this end, Tommy Sugo currently offers you a number of innovative, powerful, and easy options, for no charge, which you can utilise for your fundraising activities.

One of the options on offer is a Customised Home Delivery Link, that is similar to our own Tommy Sugo Online Order Form for home delivery orders of the Cook-At-Home Range of meals. The menu items on offer are drawn from our renown range of tasty and healthy unique gourmet pastas and other products which are guaranteed to be fresh frozen and free of additives or other artificial nasties that convenience foods are known for. You can feel free to access our home delivery menu by clicking here, so that you can explore our range or place an order to experience the ease of the full process and sample what you could be selling.

Once the Customised Home Delivery Link is generated, it can be used to raise funds for your group, organisation, cause, or project by allowing you to generate a commission from any digital sales. The link can also be shared via social media, newsletters, or by any other means of electronic communication that you regularly use in order to reach your intended audience, enabling you to skyrocket your potential commissions (as the more sales that you generate via the link, the higher the commission you make).

We can guarantee that when you utilise the Customised Home Delivery Link for fundraising:

  • All your sales and commissions will be processed in a manner that assures there is complete accountability and transparency.
  • All orders via the link will be delivered the next business day to customers located in the Perth Metro area; and
  • All deliveries to customers will be contact free and covid safe!

We also provide you with the freedom to use the Customised Home Delivery Link or also choose our other fundraising options which briefly include:

  • Pop Up Storeswhich are set up for three hours at any physical location in Perth selling the same Tommy Sugo Cook-At-Home Range of meals that you can use via the link for your fundraiser.
  • Presentation and Sales Training: which is suited for corporate groups, as well as educating school children on real life business with a focus on real life application of skills learnt for boosting fundraising objectives
  • Graphic Design: which includes customised marketing artwork for your poster promoting the event.
  • Social Media Marketing Content: which includes assistance with video content and customised social media posts.
  • Promotion to Our Database: which includes promotion of your fundraiser to Tommy Sugo’s audience on social media.
  • 12 Page Colour Menu: which includes full colour paper menu provided to each of your sales delegates at no charge.

The above fundraising options can be chosen on their own or in conjunction with the Customised Home Delivery Link. Once you have chosen the option (or options) suitable for your needs, Tommy Sugo Fundraising will then conduct a quick assessment of your group or organisation prior to approving your request.

To see if your group, school, club, charity, or organisation would qualify to partner with Tommy Sugo Fundraising, please click here to complete our online form.

You can also download a full copy of our fundraising brochure for your review by clicking here.

If you wish to discuss any aspects of the commission or have any other specific queries in relation to any of the above fundraising options, please feel free to get in touch with Nathan from our team using the contact details below:

0424 505 053

Tommy Sugo Nedlands- Broadway Fair Shopping Centre. 88 Broadway, Nedlands WA.


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