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Your school; charity; club; group, or organisation is planning an upcoming fundraiser, where people will gather at a physical location, and you are all wracking your collective brain actively searching for that extra something which is sure to make it a standout event and increase its likelihood of being a roaring success for the good of the cause that you are supporting.

Good news! You can rest easy as the Tommy Sugo team and family has the missing ingredient that you are seeking. What if we told you that you could serve our range of healthy and tasty authentic Sicilian cuisine at your event, which is all but guaranteed to satiate the most sophisticated of palates while raising funds for your cause in the process?

Tommy Sugo Pop Up

You now have the chance to make a Tommy Sugo Pop Up Store a feature at your next fundraising event. Our very capable team will help you fully set up the store and then take care of everything including staffing and running it, for up to three hours. On the menu for your attendees will be our locally renown Cook-At-Home Range of meals including pasta; sauces; pestos; dips; arancinis and much more. As always, our menu items are prepared with the signature Tommy Sugo healthy twist, where possible, and we also offer gluten free, gluten friendly and vegan options.

Once the Pop-Up Store has been set up at the event, you will be able to raise funds for your group, organisation, cause, or project by generating a commission from any sales made to your attendees. Based on the performance of other fundraisers that we have assisted with in the past, we can confidently state that it is not unusual to generate a commission of up to $500.00 from the Pop-Up Store at each particular event. You have the option of choosing to repeat this multiple times at different fundraising events throughout the year for a greater cumulative effect.

We can also reassure you that all sales from the Pop-Up Store are recorded using a point-of-sale system for the sake of complete transparency.

For a greater exponential boost to your fundraising activities, the Pop-Up Store at your events can also be combined with some of our other fundraising options such as a Customised Home Delivery Link that helps generate commissions from digital sales (and which is super easy to use and ideal for those with a busy lifestyle). We also offer help with graphic design; assistance with social media marketing content; presentation and sales training; and promotion of your cause or event to our database of customers. All of the above options are set out in detail in our fundraising brochure that you can download a full copy of by click here.

The Tommy Sugo team has also introduced recently introduced the following to complement the Pop-Up Stores and other fundraising options:

  • Arancini Bar Cook Up: which is well suited to School Open Nights, Sports Carnivals, School Discos, Parent’s Nights, School Camp, Book Week, and Italian Lessons.
Tommy Sugo Pop Up
  • Catering: where you can pick up a trial cooked pack of pastas, arancinis and croquettes to introduce our products to your group.

If you wish to partner with us to arrange a Pop-Up Store for your next fundraising event, please click here to complete our online form. Alternatively, if you wish to discuss any aspects of the commission or have any other specific queries in relation to the above, please feel free to get in touch with Nathan from our team using the contact details below:

0424 505 053

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Tommy Sugo Nedlands- Broadway Fair Shopping Centre. 88 Broadway, Nedlands WA.


“The pop-up stall was so easy to organise, right from the get-go. It allowed parents to enjoy our Open Night, admiring the effort all the children & teachers had displayed in their classrooms, without having to rely on volunteers and organise supplies. Nathan and his team were a delight to engage with & parents were able to enjoy a snack & order their delicious meals for later. Our school families appreciated their service & will continue to support Tommy Sugo via our online ordering system.

A direct quote from one of the parents was “Absolutely loved it. The kids loved the arancini, they have tried it in the past and didn’t like them, they did that night and loved them. Perfect bite size for the kids”.

Another family have posted how delighted they are with the online ordering system & showed the community a photo of the esky & the variety of products. Quote “Excited, got my delivery today, little obsessed “

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Thank you again Nathan & team.

-Mailee M. – Noranda Primary School P & C


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