Gluten Free Options

Amazing New Gluten Free Options

Gluten free options are now highly sought after and thankfully over the past 10 years the options, quality, flavour and texture have all dramatically improved. Being in the health industry for many years, I have seen the development of cardboard textured and flavoured pasta as the only option to now a vast variety of options. And thankfully so, as more and more people seem to be reacting to gluten or report to feel better in general when avoiding gluten products.

So the good news is that we have been very actively working on a range of gluten free and gluten friendly pastas, arancinis and more that have amazing texture, incredible flavours and that are fast and easy to prepare.

So what is the difference between gluten free and gluten friendly?

Gluten free is made with zero gluten in the ingredients and no risk of cross contamination. These products are prepared in a kitchen without gluten. So for the like of celiacs they offer a very safe option.

Gluten friendly products are those made containing zero gluten ingredients but are made in a kitchen that makes other products with gluten. Gluten friendly pastas and products are suitable for those who choose to avoid gluten as a lifestyle and dietary choice but are not going to react should there be some tiny amounts of gluten in the air or that manage to work their way into the gluten free ingredients.

As health is one of the most important factors in a persons life, we feel one of the most important things for our business is to clearly advise all our customers what products are gluten free and what ones are gluten friendly, so you can make your own dietary decisions based on clear facts.

So now that the definitions and facts are clarified, let me tell you about our amazing new gluten friendly and gluten free products we have developed.

Gluten Friendly Pumpkin Feta Arancini
We have made this using polenta for crumbing, it is cooked in the same oil we use to cook our other arancinis that do have gluten, but have zero gluten ingredients in the actual arancini

Amazing New Gluten Free Options

Jackfruit Curry Arancini
This is very different, new and exciting. We made this using desiccated coconut on the outside instead of wheat flour and jackfruit inside which is an amazing non flavoured fruit with a meaty type texture. We have added curry to this and I have to say it tasted amazing!! Simply heat in the oven or air fryer from frozen like all our meals and serve. It makes a really great entertainer and snack.

Gluten Free Ricotta Spinach Ravioli
This is certified gluten free and made in a kitchen that contains no gluten. Perfect for celiacs. Great texture and it’s so good you would not even know it’s gluten free.

All our Tomato based sauces (we currently have 3 types) and pesto sauce are gluten friendly. They contain no gluten ingredients but are made in our kitchen containing gluten. Sauces are a lot easier to make without gluten than pasta!!

Macaroni/ Gemelli / Spaghetti
These are 3 varieties of gluten friendly pastas we have started making. All fresh frozen, and should be cooked from frozen (don’t thaw them first). Corn is one of the main ingredient we use. Texture is great!!

Coming Soon;

We have just wiped up a gluten friendly Harvey beef lasagna and I have to tell you it was absolutely fantastic! We made it using a new gluten friendly béchamel recipe my Sicilian father in law created and it tastes creamy and absolutely amazing! So good in fact I think it gives our usual lasagnas a run for their money. Consensus is that we could not actually tell it was gluten friendly! So stay tuned for this one as it will be a real game changer.

Gluten free and gluten friendly are a real passion of mine so we will be bringing out a load of new gluten free and gluten friendly products soon so watch this space.

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Tommy Sugo

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