At Tommy Sugo, we know that online fundraising ideas in Perth were not birthed in 2020 when businesses were forced to operate in a world without physical interaction. But it would be fundamentally wrong, not to mention how much traction the approach got that year.

Today, regardless of your fundraiser’s nature, there is a suitable and more effective online fundraising idea, and the fundraising world is here for it.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Fundraising Ideas in Perth.

Generally, a good and effective fundraising idea will consider your supporters’ needs. 

As much as giving presents its own rewards to your customers, donating through a purchase offers more gratification. Plus, this approach makes it easier to get donations than convincing your clients to contribute to your fundraiser. 

When the goal is to make it easy for customers to support your fundraiser by purchasing something, consider the following factors.

  • The demand factor. Select a product that is highly sought after.

This explains why Tommy Sugo Fundraising thrives by employing food fundraising ideas in its strategy. We always need food.  

  • The price factor. The product on sale must be affordable to your buyers.

By using affordable products, you stand to gain more funds by way of customers purchasing items in bulk.

  • The quality factor. Quality will always be a determining factor of if a product will sell or not. 

4 Easy Tommy Sugo’s Online Fundraising Ideas You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner.

1. Tommy Sugo’s Fundraising.


Having served the Perth community since 2019, you can rest assured that partnering with Tommy Sugo is the wisest decision you will make for your fundraiser. Whether you need a fundraising idea for schools or any other fundraising in Perth, we at Tommy Sugo are here to make the process a success.

With us, you have several effective options accessible to you. 

Consider the Customised Home Delivery Link to order the Cook-At-Home Range products, and we’ll deliver them to your customers the next day.

Immediately after the Customised Home Delivery Link has been created with your details, you can collect a commission from any online sales and support your fundraiser. And what’s even better is this can be a recurring process. 

Aside from the link, Tommy Sugo Fundraising offers the option of promoting your fundraising campaign throughout social media platforms to generate awareness and more traffic. 

Take an in-depth look at Tommy Sugo’s Fundraising arm and register to partner with us to make your fundraising process a breeze.

2. Promotion To Our Database as An Online Fundraising Idea.


Selecting Tommy Sugo’s promotion to database option means we can help you get your message out there. Please sit back, relax and let us help you to make your fundraising campaign successful.

As an online fundraising idea, the promotion to your database with our help is one of Tommy Sugo’s most effective, effortless and out-of-the-box strategies. And if that’s not enough, you can count on Tommy’s team to get creative with how to pull off any fundraising in Perth.

What You Get with The Promotion to your Database Option.

  • A complete, detailed, personalised promotion of your fundraising campaign to your audience on all platforms.
  • Help from our social media experts in creating appropriate content for your campaign. Whether fundraising for a sports team, a school or any other type of fundraising in Perth, Tommy’s team got everything under control.

Consider pairing this option with the Customized Home Delivery Link for a more fruitful campaign. This combination allows you to raise funds without up-front expenses and overhead costs. And by promoting this link on our database, customers need not do much but click and buy stuff, and you get to earn a commission to support your campaign with every sale.

3. Graphic Design as Your Online Fundraising Ideas.


At Tommy Sugo, we recognize that for your fundraising to be successful, there is a need to create buzz about it. This is because your campaign’s success depends on how well you will convey your message to your supporters.

For this reason, Tommy’s troupe is dedicated to helping you tell your story to your audience by offering to create graphics promoting your event using customised marketing art.

What You Get When You Partner with Our Graphics Team.

Tommy Sugo’s graphics team works to ensure your fundraising campaign stands out by:

  • Creating marketing artwork for your fundraising that establishes a connection with your audience.
  • Creating graphic designs that you can use to tell your story to your supporters.

After all, people are more likely to engage with and listen to a story. And when done right, such messages have an emotional effect that makes it simple for people to remember them in the future.

  • Create a visual motif that compels your audience to take action.

4. Recurring Buying Drive.

The smartest and most effective fundraising strategy ensures continuous cash flow into your fundraiser account. Whether it’s a fundraising idea for a sports team, a school, a non-profit or any other fundraiser, always opt for a strategy that provides enough time to raise funds.

A recurring buying drive allows your customers to support your purpose continuously by continually buying products using the link rather than buying once after a long time. 

With so many recipes and gifts available at Tommy Sugo, partnering with us in a recurring buying drive means your customers will always have a reason to support your fundraiser. 

Reach out, create a program with our fundraising team and watch your fundraising thermometer flare up. 

Why Not Give Tommy Sugo’s Fundraising Team A Try?

If you are looking for a trustworthy and seasoned fundraising partner, Tommy Sugo’s Fundraising team is prepared to hop on board and help steer your campaign in the right direction with these proven online fundraising ideas.

With us as your partner, you get a reliable source of funds to support your campaign and a simplified approach to fundraising for your campaigns. 

Feel free to get the Tommy Sugo Fundraising Brochure and register to team up with us.


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