Are you planning a fundraising project in Perth? If so, a flip through the internet gives you a long list of promising fundraising ideas in Perth, with online fundraising ideas at the top.

The last year saw a significant shift from in-person avenues of collecting funds to more comprehensive online ideas, and for a good reason. 

As a testament to online fundraising ideas’ success, today, Perth’s non-profit organisations and expert fundraisers still stick to these strategies to raise funds even after eased movement and social restrictions.

If you are reading this piece, chances are you are looking for effective, profitable, and easy fundraising ideas in Perth to support your cause. 

With thousands of ideas within easy reach, Tommy Sugo’s fundraising team recommends a fundraising idea that, in addition to meeting your needs, also appeals to your supporter base and makes them regular contributors. 

So, what are some of the online fundraising ideas available to you? 

  • virtual gourmet product fundraising
  • online eating contests,
  • buy a meal-give a meal campaign,

Why You Should Apply To Partner With Tommy Sugo Fundraising For Your Next Fundraising Campaign

Why you should apply to partner with Tommy Sugo

Regardless of the reasons behind such adoptions, what remains constant is the need for food. Maximising this demand to perpetuate the growth of your organisation or support a cause you believe in via fundraising means a continuous flow of funds to your pool.

At Tommy Sugo Fundraising, we acknowledge and appreciate the demand. We are not afraid to roll out a red carpet for your supporters by arraying unique gourmet recipes from our culinary wizards.

With Tommy Sugo as your partner, your supporters can choose their daily meals from the diversified Tommy Sugo menu comprising of unique pasta dishes in Italian style, and gluten-free cuisine.

Gluten Free & Gluten Friendly Recipes
  • Check out our home delivery service. We are cost-effective. With Tommy Sugo as your online fundraising partner, you never have to worry about administration costs or hefty delivery charges in Perth. Your group gets free delivery on orders over $90.
  • Online fundraising ideas’ ease, efficiency, and success are contingent on successful advertising and marketing. This is the ability to reach a broad audience and tell your story.

At Tommy Sugo, we are chomping at the bit to promote your cause and tell a story that encourages people to contribute to your cause through our social media family.

With us, you are guaranteed to convert your on-fence audience to regular contributors while attracting new supporters to your cause with our fresh-delectable recipes.

Another significant advantage of online fundraising ideas in Perth is the capacity to allow regular donations.

Our knockout dishes are here to stay with the same unaltered recipes but promising new and brave thrilling dishes. This is to say, your supporters will never run out of reasons to part with a dollar for your cause.

Partnering with Tommy Sugo for your online fundraising campaign means you never have to worry about the logistics.

Whether yours is a school fundraising, a team, a club, an organisation, or a noble cause, our culinary artists have something in store for all your supporters.

Today’s world will always present a reason to practice kindness. In 2021, Foodbank Western Australia reported that approximately 1.2 million children went hungry.

If your goal is to put a smile on a hungry child’s face, click here to apply and team up with Tommy Sugo Fundraising in your next fundraising in Perth.


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