It’s All About Quality, Freshness, Flavour, and Customer Experience.

We cannot underestimate the weight of quality customer service and customer satisfaction in today’s food service industry. For this reason, Tommy Sugo’s Nedlands Takeaway prides itself on offering attentive, timely, and professional service to its customers. 

After years of promoting takeaway service in Perth, Tommy Sugo’s Nedlands Takeaway is revolutionizing how people get their takeaway food by providing quick, efficient, and quality service with a modern, fresh take on food and drink.

5 Secrets Behind Tommy Sugo’s Nedlands Takeaway’s Ascent to Stardom in The Takeaway Business.

1.   Top-Notch Food Preparation Expertise.

Top-Notch Food Preparation Expertise

Our Takeaway Nedlands store team believe that a good beginning makes a good ending. This is why we take our time to prepare for the entire operation with safety and flavour in mind.

The process begins with the sanitization of the preparation equipment. This involves observing an outlined approach following the rinse-clean-rinse-sanitize procedure. 

From here on, our culinary experts select only the tastiest ingredients sourced locally and beyond. After all, a cook is only as good as the ingredients they work with.

Next, we carry out the ingredient separation process and embark on an intensive cleaning process that ensures impurities or microorganisms never make it to the next stage. 

At this point, Tommy Sugo’s culinary artists are left to work wonders with the ingredients, following classic recipes while developing new ones to meet all our clientele’s requirements.

2.   Developing New, Creative and Savoury Recipes.

Creating new, creative & savoury recipes

At Nedlands Takeaway, we appreciate that we all have different expectations and standards when it comes to taste. Consequently, Tommy’s team encourages creativity and brave experiments in the kitchen to help design new recipes that meet your style, preferences, needs, and desires.

Generally, the process involves:

  • Performing ingredients research.
  • Getting creative with new and existing elements.
  • Outlining new procedures.
  • Tailoring existing products to suit different market segments.

This ensures we are constantly creating dishes that are an absolute breeze to tack together and which serve our client’s unique situations. 

3.   Offering Fast, Amiable and Reliable Takeaway Service.

Offering Fast & Reliable Takeaway Service

In addition to offering quality products, and unique recipes prepared to detail, Tommy Sugo’s Nedlands Takeaway strives to provide a stellar customer experience with satisfaction guaranteed. 

Whether you order online or walk into any of our stores, you can rest assured our goal is to make your experience with us as frictionless as possible. 

Ours is a team trained to anticipate your needs by answering questions such as:

  • How do we best support customers interested in our products and service?
  • How do we support customers during the ordering process?
  • How do we help our customers after sales?

The takeaway Nedlands team considers and appreciates your busy schedule and facilitates the process by extending an attentive, speedy, and quality service designed to reduce the turnaround time and fix issues promptly. 

4.   Developing a Diverse and Extensive Menu.

Creating a diverse & extensive menu

We at Nedlands Takeaway highly value the shifting tides of contemporary consumer choices by preference, diet awareness, or other factors.

To promote diversity, Tommy Sugo’s culinary team tries to free itself from the chains of a standardized menu that can quickly become boring. 

Today, thanks to an overload of information, consumers are giving more thought to their health and dietary requirements. This means that restaurants must go over and above to create healthy meal plans that cater to all dietary needs. Such include;

In addition to dietary factors, preference and style are additional elements that cannot be overlooked.

Nedlands Takeaway offers an abundance of unique cultural-shifting dishes guaranteed to blow your mind, e.g., the luscious Italian cuisine on the menu.

To sweeten up the pot, in addition to the traditional menu consisting of lunch, and dinner menus, Takeaway Nedlands offers various options. Whether it be family meals, event meals, or individual meals, Pop in at our Nedlands takeaway shop and let us cater to your needs with the following options;

  • Starter snacks
  • Kids meals menu
  • Pasta made to order
  • Value meals for 1,2, or the whole family
  • Variety packs
  • Dessert menu
  • Coffee
  • Homemade drinks

5.   Nurturing and maintaining good customer relationships

On top of the excellent customer experience we offer, the Takeaway Nedlands team complements it by nurturing a relationship built on trust and one that values your input.

Customer feedback regarding our products and service acts as a guiding tool.

By incorporating the information from customers and addressing rising issues, we can measure and improve performance where needed.


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