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Unlike most fundraising campaigns, picking and choosing a school fundraising idea can be challenging as it involves a rather diverse donor base. These are parents, teachers, community members, local government, public figures, and not forgetting students themselves. 

This is to say that the fundraising idea to be considered must appeal to your donor base in a way that engages and compels them to contribute to your cause liberally. 

With hundreds of fundraising ideas in Perth, one is spoiled for choice. 

So how do you ascertain that your choice is the most effective, time-saving, and a low risk plus inexpensive school fundraising idea in Perth?  

Incredible Vegan Mac and Cheese 1

One of Perth’s most influential and gripping fundraising strategies is using food fundraising ideas, as there will always be demand for food.  

Food has been described as the thread that unites us all, and Tommy Sugo appreciates this by creating delectable recipes that can be used to unite and connect with everyone who falls under their spell.

3 options that claim to be the crown jewel in school fundraising ideas.

I. Gourmet Product Fundraising.

At Tommy Sugo Fundraising, we appreciate how impactful event fundraisers are in helping non-profits achieve their funding goals in little time. However, something about product fundraising promises well.

In addition to being accessible, economical, and stress-free, the approach equips students with fundamental sales skills and can be used continuously.

So the question then becomes, what do you pick as your ideal product to use? 

Tommy Sugo’s  Cook-at-Home range offers plenty of options worthy of approval. From Jackfruit arancini and the Eight Vegetable Lasagna to Beef Cheek Red Wine Ravioli, these meal kits consisting of hundreds of recipes with Italian sauces will have your supporters asking for more. 

If you are for event fundraisers, you can hold an elaborate event using these products as a school fundraising idea. Something like a fancy luncheon, food tasting, or a food-eating contest catered by Tommy’s Team will get the job done. 

At the end of the day, the goal is to raise funds for your cause, and Tommy Sugo ensures that with every sale, the cha-ching sound on your end gets louder.

ii. Top drawer online fundraising ideas.

Virtual school fundraising ideas are a new and ingenious approach to sizzling up new and more funds for a cause. 

Consider a cooking class, for instance.

Done well, it not only amasses funds for your school but also nurtures talent in students by giving them a chance to explore and make brave kitchen experiments. Is it possible you have an undiscovered Tommy Sugo in your midst?  

A Tommy Sugo cooking class is not only riveting but also efficient in that our recipes won’t have you driving from store to store looking for cooking supplies. Consider our Cook at home range products that come in a recipe rich in crowd favorite tasty ingredients. 

A portion of the sales proceeds automatically goes to supporting your cause using your Customised Home Delivery Link

iii. Gift matching (a shrewd corporate giving approach).

8 Vegetable Lasagna

Although still a new phenomenon to many, gift matching is a rather creative game plan to stockpile donations for your cause. 

Done at a corporate level, this is a school fundraising idea in Perth that holds promise. It gives employees in an organization a hands-on approach to supporting a cause they believe in. 

How does it work?

As an employee in an organization with a cause to promote, you can go it alone or simply engage your corporate body by buying a gift.  

In this case, a gift must not be extravagant to qualify. Buying several Cook-at-home meals delivered to your door from your online order form, will be a great time saving help for your colleagues at the office.  

Upon doing this, request your employer to match the gift in which they can opt to directly match your gift or offer a financial contribution of similar value or more to your cause.

Which of the three strategies should you adopt?

If only the answer were that simple.  

The thing is, none of the options mentioned above supersedes the other. In reality, the best option is your preference stylistically and one that logistically works for you.  

Nonetheless, should you need more guidance on selecting suiting school fundraising ideas in Perth, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and let us help you apply for your next fundraising campaign.


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