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To a great degree, a good cause and generous people might seem like all you need to have successful fundraising campaigns. In hindsight, however, your choice of Fundraising ideas in Perth determines whether you sink or swim in your fundraising efforts.

Fundraising in Perth at the moment may seem like an uphill task. In the age of ascending inflation, your fundraising strategies are critical to growing your money pool. Therefore, electing a low-cost fundraising approach ensures you collect more than you spend.

At Tommy Sugo fundraising, we know this is not new information to you. Our goal for this article is to introduce you to fresh, creative, effective, and fun-filled fundraising ideas that guarantee to put you on the map in your fundraising efforts.

Tommy Sugo Fundraising

4 Ways Tommy Sugo Will Spice Up Your Fundraising Efforts

As an organization supporting local businesses for a long time, our experience in fundraising has prepared us well for an ever-changing economy. This is to say Tommy Sugo Fundraising incorporates economic fundraising ideas in Perth to ensure you save and make that extra dollar.

To be of help, below is a collated guide on the four most compelling, engaging, and best money-making Fundraising ideas in Perth.

  • A Cook-At-Home Family Challenge

In as much as physical events fundraising are good at raising money for a cause, the recent pandemic period reminded us that we can achieve just as much indoors as we would outdoors. 

As a food fundraising idea doubling as an online fundraising idea, a cook-it-yourself challenge in the comfort of your home not only saves you traveling costs or the cost of hosting mega-events but also minimizes your exposure to the Covid virus fun and games. 

The approach also presents an opportunity for your supporters to engage in exhilarating activities in the kitchen.

What you need to make it a success

With options like the sautéed bacon tortelloni, and beef cheek & red wine ravioli to prepare, this is a guaranteed fun-packed challenge with drool-inducing smells that will have neighbours knocking on your door.

As an organization that adopts the idea, your supporters can order online using the Tommy Sugo Customised Delivery Link& Your organization earns a commission on every sale that directly goes to supporting your cause.

As Kurt Vonnegut echoes, “You can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too. And you’ve got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food.”

Consider positioning a camera in your kitchen, and let us get to see you and your loved ones immerse yourself in the journey of discovering new and delectable flavors.

  • Dine out for a cause

Well, at least not your conventional dinner party with ordinary high-cost meals. 

Save your money by engaging the Tommy Sugo catering team to organize and execute a rich, flavorful and nutritional cuisine for your supporters at an affordable fee.

The idea is fit for any fundraising in Perth as you can use it to support local charities, groups, or causes.

Again, a portion of the sales goes directly to supporting your cause.

  • Find your pasta and source

With so many Italian-inspired pasta and sauce recipes available at Tommy Sugo, allowing your supporters to find their favourite pasta dish can be a creative way to promote and raise funds for a cause.

Like a food-tasting idea, a find your pasta dish is a fundraising idea in Perth that allows your supporters to enjoy different locally made pasta dishes with punched-up flavours from our very own Tommy Sugo.

  • Virtual Food festival

Just because this is an online fundraising idea does not mean your supporters can not enjoy a restaurant-worthy meal, thanks to the Customised Home delivery link from Tommy Sugo. 

As always, proceeds from such sales go to funding your cause.

A virtual food festival is a new and creative fundraising idea in Perth in response to government-imposed restrictions that allow culinary experts to connect with people with refined palates.

The beauty of virtual events is they are not limited to how many people can participate. What matters is how effective your promotion efforts are in telling and inviting more people to play a part. (An issue that should not worry you if you pick us as your fundraising partner).

At Tommy Sugo fundraising, we have fundraising ideas options for every team, organisation, or cause with healthy, colourful, mouth-watering cuisines that will have your supporters wanting more. 

To apply for your next fundraising event, click here and let us guide you on the best cost-effective fundraising ideas in Perth.


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