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Fundraising Perth Times are Tough So Let’s Get Creative for Raising Funds in Perth

Fundraising Ideas Perth – If you are planning to organise a fundraiser in Perth, Tommy Sugo is a great option for all your fundraising activities.

 With our food fundraising ideas we can provide our assistance in:

  • Fundraising ideas for school
  • Online fundraising ideas
  • Fundraising for charity organisations
  • Fundraising for communities
Fundraising Perth Times are Tough

Lots  of successful fundraising ideas involve food. People gotta eat! Food will always be in need, so why not utilize it to collect  funds for your cause? 

Eating is a socially motivated activity, therefore food-related fundraisers are guaranteed to draw a crowd. Food-related events allow people to meet and interact, making them both enjoyable and memorable.

Here are some unique and entertaining fundraising ideas:

Fund Raising at Dinner

Because everyone has to eat, why not generate funds at the same time? Tommy Sugo provides fundraising assistance to NGOs, schools, clubs, sports teams, and other organisations.

Fundraising Perth Times are Tough 2

All you have to do is partner up with us and encourage your group  to order our amazing Cook-at-Home range of gourmet pasta. You get a percentage of every sale, by simply sharing your custom order form.. We believe it’s the easiest fundraiser!

We provide a fantastic selection of Cook-at-Home meals delivered to your participants doorstep and we are confident that you will meet your fundraising target. Our cook at home range includes gourmet heat and eat meals, as well as providing for various dietary requirements like gluten friendly with our family made macaroni, lasagna, gnocchi, spaghetti, gamelli, and different types of arancini.

We have been working very hard on a variety of gluten free and gluten friendly pastas, arancinis, and other items that have fantastic texture, incredible flavours, and are quick and easy to cook.

Food Stalls

Food Stalls

At Tommy Sugo, we offer an option of a pop up store at your venue. It’s more like a food stall, a bunch of food stalls will draw eager fans and supporters from all across town, making this a successful campaign for huge fundraising targets.

Secure a high-traffic spot, such as a popular parking lot or a main thoroughfare near a school or university. We handle everything, including store setup, personnel, and management. These pop up stores can be set up for up to 3 hours.

Be a Partner With Tommy Sugo Through Our Online Form

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You can find all the information on how we can assist you. The process is very simple . Fill all your details through the smooth process and choose the fundraising option which you would like to participate in.

We have a list of options like:

  • Tommy Sugo menu distribution.
  • Pop-up shop selling at your preferred location
  • We publicise your sales link on every sale achieved via our social media networks.
  • We can even directly contact every member in your database and individually inform them about your campaign at no cost to you.

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