Fundraising Ideas Perth

Fundraising Ideas Perth – Come on Do it the Easy Way!

Fundraising ideas Perth – Food has long been an important aspect of every fundraising event across the world.
And, let’s face it, people must eat!!!

As a result, there will always be a demand for it!
And when there is a need for anything, you can use it to collect cash…
So why not take advantage of this desire to collect funds for your cause?

Fundraising event or fundraising ideas that involve food, Tommy Sugo can definitely help raise funds, it could be:

  • Fundraising idea for a non-profit organisation
  • Fundraising idea for schools
  • Online fundraising ideas
  • It could be community gathering for dinner
  • Or it could be any interesting activity which you want to arrange for your cause to collect funds (A food stall, a game competition, eating competition etc)

The best part about food fundraising ideas is that you can incorporate them into almost any of your events. One of the most effective ways for organisations to generate funds is to organise and perform a low-cost food fundraiser.

Fundraising Ideas Perth

Planning is an important component of organising a fundraising event especially those food fundraising ideas, but we’ve got you covered. Planning a sale of pre-made (but obviously freshly Cook-at-Home range items) are delivered to your specified location on your specified date.

Tommy Sugo also provides an easy online fundraising idea, which involves generating your unique home delivery link which is used for all your digital sales.

You can share the link to as many people you want in your audience for more and more sales, which ultimately means that you will get more commission.

The link is identical to the one we use for our Tommy Sugo online purchase form: Please feel free to place an order using this link to see how simple the entire procedure is, and by doing so you can have a look at the menu as well.

Takeaway Menu

Our takeaway menu includes a vast range of items including Cook-at-Home range of food, here is a glimpse:

  • Starter & snacks
  • Kids meals
  • Pastas
  • Value meal for 1, 2, or for whole family options
  • Variety packs
  • Dessert
  • Coffee & home made drinks
  • Breakfast
  • Cook-at-homemade range
Fundraising Ideas Perth 2

We have gluten free Cook-at-Home spinach & ricotta ravioli, and in gluten friendly items we have macaroni, gnocchi, jackfruit curry arancini, spaghetti, gemelli, as well.

Other gluten friendly items include, creamy bechamel lasagne, and pumpkin & feta arancini.

Because well-being is one of the most important aspects of our lives, we believe that one of the most important aspects of our business is to clearly advise all of our customers on which products are gluten free and which are gluten friendly, so you can make your own dietary decisions based on clear facts.

Fundraising Ideas Perth 3

All being said, there is still much more you can know about Tommy Sugo, and its services, and best way to do so is by trying us if you are planning to arrange fundraising Perth events.

For any enquiries hit contact us.


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