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Meet The Brand Rewriting The Rules Of Fundraising In Perth

Meet The Brand Rewriting The Rules Of Fundraising In Perth

The bar has been set high in how fundraising in Perth is done, thanks to Tommy Sugo. When the history of Perth is written, we will be among those that grace the chapters.

When Tommy Sugo supports organizations, it sets itself apart from its peers by owning their causes as if they were its own. It rallies behind them and rests only when these organizations have accomplished their goals.

In addition to providing healthy, palatable, and magazine-worthy meals, Tommy Sugo’s team prides itself in supporting local organizations to achieve their maximum potential through its fundraising efforts.

From advising you on the most effective fundraising options to guiding you on the best fundraising ideas in Perth, our team is nothing short of a fundraising mentor for your organization.


The following are the three ways that make Tommy Sugo’s fundraising model stand out.
i. Adding fun and creativity back into fundraising.

Are you looking for new, creative, and fun ways to grow your fundraising in Perth? Try the food fundraising ideas.

Food fundraising ideas are guaranteed to attract a crowd, as there is always a demand for food.

Using gourmet-flavored restaurant-worthy meals from the Tommy Sugo meal kit will have your supporters digging holes in their pockets to support your cause.

ii. Guiding you in selecting the best Fundraising options.

Whether you opt for physical fundraising in Perth or consider online fundraising ideas, we have it all figured out.

By understanding your cause, and the objectives behind your campaign, we will guide you in selecting the most effective route to achieve your goals.

Some of the options available include;

Meet The Brand Rewriting The Rules Of Fundraising In Perth 2

This involves Setting up a physical Pop-up shop with a cause that helps us tell your story and promote your cause in a more personalised approach.

Such options are particularly effective when promoting fundraising ideas for schools or other physical fundraising ideas in Perth.

What do you get?

Successful fundraising in Perth depends on new and innovative ways to raise funds for your cause. Simply put, a more engaging and innovative approach to raising funds sets you up for greater success than your peers.

Our team’s customised Home delivery link generated for you by our team ensures you earn a commission on every transaction.

Moreover, our team actively promotes your link on our diverse social media platforms to drive traffic to your site, increase sales and grow your commission.

We ensure a mixed bag of desirable healthy meal choices for your clients to choose from and successively boost your fundraising efforts.

Meet The Brand Rewriting The Rules Of Fundraising In Perth 3

Planning a charity ball or a parent’s night out as a fundraising idea for schools? Choosing an exemplary catering service is crucial to your fundraising success.

As mentioned above, Tommy Sugo seeks to incorporate fun in all its fundraising campaigns in a way that contributes to your cause. Bringing you a healthy, rich and fancy Italian dish is the best way we know how.

Imagine a date night session to promote a cause you believe in with nouvelle cuisine from the best of Tommy Sugo’s team.

It is worth mentioning that your fundraising idea in Perth need not be formal to engage us. A spirited eating contest or a simple food-tasting event for a cause is equally an excellent ground to test out Tommy Sugo’s Italian magic. 

iii. Capitalising on social media platforms.

We acknowledge the challenge of reaching a broader audience to promote your cause.

As an organisation that has effectively established itself in the digital world, we use our ever-growing following base and loyal clients to boost your cause visibility, help you raise more funds and create a lasting relationship with those interested in your cause.

Planning to make generosity your next noble act but don’t know how to sow the seed? Click here and let the Tommy Sugo Fundraising movement help you reach your maximum fundraising potential.


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