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Home Delivery Service is Easy!

Do you want a quick and easy Home Delivery Service for a meal delivery in Perth? Let’s face it, cooking from scratch can be time consuming, stressful and one of many things that have to be done in the evening. So, what do you do? There is always an easy way out like ordering Cook-at-Home meals that will save you time. There are plenty of meal delivery services in Perth, but we just happen to be the best one! Yup, and we are totally unbiased!

Tommy Sugo is has now morphed, from a focus on restaurants (we still have our take away in Nedlands) to be fully focused on customer convenience with next business day home delivery…FREE for orders over $90 – and we are loving it! We are humbled daily that our cook at home meals are a hit with decerning customers who want better than the mass produced pasta available in supermarkets

The home delivery service makes it easier for individuals or families to order and get meals within 24 hours.

Tommy Sugo packages meals are packed in reusable eskies that can be dropped at your doorstep when you are not at home. You also get FREE delivery for orders over $90.

Who do we serve?

Like any other business, our food is great for:

  • Busy people
  • Families
  • The elderly
  • People with diet preferences

Meal options to order from Tommy Sugo

Our Cook-at-Home Range includes heat and eat, gourmet pasta, gluten-free & gluten friendly options and family size meals.

Heat & Eat meals

These refer to precooked meals that require one to heat before eating. Buying heat and eat meals is no different from ordering food in a restaurant except for home delivery, you have the luxury of eating in your own space. Check out our ever evolving range of lasagnas, cannellonis, arancinis and croquettes!

Gourmet Pasta

When it comes to gourmet pasta, our pasta is NOTHING like super market pasta. You will definitely taste the different ingredients in our raviolis etc.  Some of our gourmet pasta includes Porcini Mushroom, Mascarpone & Truffle Oil RavioliBeef Cheek and Red Wine Ravioli etc.

Our pasta has been in development for the last 39 years and we are passionate about spreading happiness through food. Some of our signature pasta includes:

The Classic

Golden Australian durum wheat semolina and farm-fresh eggs are at the heart of our traditional family-made products.

Spelt Pasta

The ancient spelt grain has been welcomed into the family for its extensive health benefits. A non-genetically modified grain, spelt flour is a little more nutty and grainy than our other pastas, is super flavoursome and is easy on your digestion. Could it get any better? We are the only manufacturer in Australia who makes a range

Gluten-Free/Gluten Friendly

A gluten free meal refers to prepared food that does not contain any trace of gluten while gluten friendly are foods that were prepared with no intention of adding gluten but based on the place of preparation, there exist chances of gluten cross-contamination. We do make a gluten free ricotta and spinach ravioli which is amazing!

The word around town is that our gluten-friendly gnocchi (fluffy potato dumplings) are the bee’s knees. The people have spoken!

Advantages of home meal delivery services

Meal delivery services play a major role when it comes to saving time and enhancing convenience. Get some great restaurant quality meals at home, without the fuss.

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If you live in Perth Metro contact us: 0424 505 053 for Cook–at–Home Range deliveries.


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