The gourmet meal delivery service in Perth is a trend quickly gaining popularity thanks to the booming appetite for quick and easy meals away from regular takeaway options. And our home delivery meals service is here to offer satisfyingly tasty gourmet meals without any of the nasties.

In today’s busy world, most people prefer the convenience of a healthy cooked meal delivered right to their doorstep to spending hours preparing a meal from scratch, let alone the large-scale kitchen clean up afterwards. And honestly, it’s understandable.

Our meal delivery service in Perth is a great solution, whether you are single, a couple, a family, working-class, or don’t have the patience to wait for a table at your local restaurant. And if a quality healthy meal further away from your regular fries and burger is what you are after, then gourmet meals delivered to your doorstep from Tommy Sugo are as convenient and healthy as it gets.

Tommy Sugo Is Offering a New Level of Culinary Indulgence with Its Home Delivery Meals in Perth.


We have good news for anyone tired of having the same old, bland, boring meals or when eating out doesn’t cut it anymore. 

With these Tommy Sugo meal boxes in Perth, you are guaranteed to renew your mealtime excitement. Our delectable gourmet meal options guarantee to satisfy every single meal desire you have. 

And with our team paying attention to every dietary option, even our Gluten free and vegetarian friends amongst us are in for a sensory experience. 

How Tommy Sugo’s Home Delivery Service in Perth Is Doing It Differently.

1. We Are Making It More Convenient for You.

With our premade meal delivery in Perth option, all you have to do is set your table, sit back and relax. This means less work for you and more time with family. 

2. We Are Getting Creative.


If you have tried any of our recipes, you know we leave nothing to chance. Our pasta is authentic and full of amazing ingredients for that fresh, top-of-the-line texture and flavour that makes you fall in love with every bite. 

The ingredients used are locally found where possible and blended in seasonal and creative ways, giving our steeped-in tradition recipes a modern twist.

So, don’t be surprised if these meals make it to your regular rotation.

3. Our Menu Options Are Evolving. 

While our goal is to make the process easy and convenient, our gourmet chef makes it hard for you to pick just ONE dish. 

Think you have had the best of Italian cuisine? Check out our menu options for the best and most unique pasta dishes and our award-winning sauces delivered to your door. 

If you’re having difficulties picking, select from our wide assortment of options and make as many changes between the sauce and the pasta dish as you want!

4. We Offer Convenience and Speed with Our FREE Next Business Day Delivery Service.


With the option to order online, you never have to worry about how the food will get to you. We will bring our fresh pasta right to your door, home or workplace with FREE next-day delivery for orders over $90.

How Tommy Sugo Is Reshaping the Conversation in Meal Delivery.

Thanks to the evolution of home delivery culture in Perth, many people opt for deliveries instead of eating out. This may be due to the availability of options the home delivery service offers.

Our investment in gourmet home-delivery meals in Perth transcends the standard convenience regular takeaway food offers. We work to ensure you never have to lift a finger for a healthy, homely meal. And that you never have to sacrifice time out of your daily grind to learn an Italian recipe because your loved ones want authentic Italian cuisine. 

But more importantly, we want to sprinkle excitement in every aspect of your life by ensuring we have something tasty and sumptuously good for a completely unforgettable experience by:

  1. Guaranteeing the same quality meals, you’d get if you went out without the hassle of dining out. 

This means no queues to wait for a seat or worries that your little ones’ bedtime will creep in as you drive home, just because you crave a professionally crafted meal. 

Consider staying indoors, ordering your favourite cuisine online, and having it delivered to your doorstep. Whether it’s a solo night at home, a date night, or you just wish to treat your family, we have something for you, including family meals delivered in Perth.

  1. We present you with a wide range of options, such as:

  • Gourmet pasta, including the famous pumpkin feta ravioli and the lamb spelt ravioli with bush tomato & native mint, among other crowd favourites.
  • 100% Gluten free and gluten-friendly meals, pasta and sauce options.
  • And our peerless heat-and-eat meals for when you are genuinely strapped for time.

Check out our home-delivery meals menu for more mouth-watering dishes.

  1. Food is the fastest way to anyone’s heart, and we know it. 

Are you planning a celebratory event and need to know what to serve? Try your hand at any of our meal boxes in Perth and get yourself a knockout dish for your event.

If you are planning to demonstrate your love as words can only do so much, we have Tommy Sugo’s gourmet gift hampers delivery in Perth. This is a creative option away from generic gifting.

  1. For picky eaters, we make it possible for you to blend some of your old favourites with the exciting new food options you will want to explore.
  2. Lastly, we value our customers. Take a look at how seriously we take customer satisfaction.

Give our Meal Delivery Service in Perth A Try.

Tommy Sugo is one of Perth’s most loved and best meal delivery services. So, for anyone planning to switch from the regular fast-food rut to more healthy and savoury meals, we at Tommy Sugo are ready to leap with you. 

Order any of our gourmet meals delivered in Perth, have it delivered hot to your door and get a cook-at-home meal experience from our professional chefs.


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