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Perth’s Fundraising Feast: 10 Fun & Foodie Fundraising Ideas to Fuel Your Cause with Flavour!

Living in Perth is a delight for the senses! Sun-soaked beaches, sparkling turquoise waters, and a city that hums with a vibrant energy – it’s no wonder we Perthonians love an excellent get-together. But sometimes, those get-togethers need a little oomph, a dash of fundraising magic to support a cause close to your heart. Explore our 10 Best Fundraising Ideas:

Critical Takeaways

  • Fundraising doesn’t have to be a chore! Infuse it with fun and deliciousness.
  • Perth offers a vibrant backdrop for unique fundraising events.
  • Tommy Sugo’s gourmet meals can be the hero of your fundraising feast!

Table of Contents

Now, you might be thinking, “Fundraising? But I’m not a professional event planner!” Fear not, my Perth pals! This guide is here to dish up 10 delectable fundraising ideas that are as easy to whip up as a plate of Tommy Sugo’s mouthwatering pasta.

1. The Foodie Film Festival: Lights, Camera, Action (and Donations)!

We all know Perthlings love an excellent flick night under the stars. So why not transform it into a fundraising extravaganza? Here’s how to get the party started:

Pick a Theme and Location

  • Cult Classics Under the Stars: Rent a projector and screen in a local park. Charge a small entry fee and screen cult classics everyone loves.
  • Rom-Com Rooftop Rendezvous: Perth boasts stunning rooftop bars! Partner with one and host a rom-com marathon.
  • International Film Feast: Celebrate global cinema! Pick a region (think Bollywood Extravaganza or Parisian Night) and screen movies with themed snacks.

Fuel the Fun with Food and Fundraising

  • Partner with Tommy Sugo! Pre-order a selection of their delectable pasta and ravioli to sell at your event. It’s a win-win – delicious food, and a portion of the proceeds go to your cause!
  • Get creative with concessions! Popcorn is a classic, but why not offer themed treats? Think macarons for a Parisian night or samosas for a Bollywood bash.
  • Run a raffle! Source donations from local businesses and restaurants. People love a chance to win, and it adds an extra layer of excitement.

Spread the Word and Get Perth Partying!

  • Utilise social media! Create a Facebook event, share enticing photos of Tommy Sugo’s delicious meals, and spread the word about your chosen theme.
  • Don’t forget the power of posters! Put up eye-catching flyers at local cafes, universities, and community centres.
  • Partner with local media outlets! Pitch your event to radio stations or community newspapers – who doesn’t love a story about Perthlings coming together for a good cause?

Don’t Forget the Fun Extras!

  • Costume contests! Encourage attendees to dress up according to the movie theme and award prizes for the most creative get-up.
  • Trivia time! Test your guests’ movie knowledge with a fun trivia night. You can even create movie-themed questions based on the films you’re screening.
  • Photo booth fun! Set up a backdrop with fun props and encourage attendees to capture memories (and share them on social media!).

2. The Great Perth Picnic in the Park: A Fundraising Feast Under the Sun

Perth’s parks are epic – Kings Park, Botanic Garden, Ellis Park, or even your local neighbourhood green space. Why not transform them into a fundraising bonanza?

Location, Location, Location!

  • Pick a park with ample space and consider amenities. Gazebos offer shade, and playgrounds will keep the little ones entertained.
  • Partner with the local council! Many councils provide designated event areas and might even have helpful resources to guide you.

A Feast for the Senses – Food, Fun & Fundraising!

  • Tommy Sugo to the rescue again! Pre-order a selection of their delicious finger foods – arancini balls, cannoli, and mini lasagnas, which are perfect for a picnic spread.
  • Get creative with activities! Organise lawn games, face painting, or live music performances for the kids.
  • Run a silent auction! Source donations from local businesses and showcase them at the picnic. Guests can bid on items throughout the event.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches!

  • Picnic baskets for sale! Fill wicker baskets with Tommy Sugo treats, drinks, and picnic essentials like plates and napkins. Sell them at the event or offer them as pre-orders.
  • Branding is key! Make your event visually appealing. Create flyers and banners featuring your chosen theme and logo (if you have one).
  • Be a good neighbour! Let nearby residents know about your event beforehand. A friendly heads-up goes a long way.

3. The High Tea Soiree: A Fundraising Fiesta with a Touch of Class

A high tea soiree is the perfect option for those who prefer a more refined fundraising experience. Perth offers charming cafes and function spaces ideal for this elegant event.

Setting the Scene for Success

  • Location, location, location! Choose a venue with a classy ambience. Think boutique cafes, historical landmarks, function rooms, or a stunning private garden.
  • Decorations that delight! Set the tone with elegant tablecloths, floral arrangements, and vintage teacups if you can find them.

A Symphony of Sips and Savories – Fundraising Finesse!

  • Tea is the star, of course! Offer a variety of black, green, and herbal teas to cater to different palates.
  • Tommy Sugo can elevate your soiree! Pre-order a selection of their savoury pastries and finger foods – think spinach and ricotta cannelloni bites or mini ricotta and sun-dried tomato tortelloni.
  • Don’t forget the sweet stuff! Partner with a local bakery or create a DIY dessert station with cupcakes, scones, and fresh fruit.
  • Raffle with a twist! Instead of generic prizes, curate a selection of gourmet food items. A basket overflowing with Tommy Sugo’s pasta and sauces will surely be a crowd-pleaser.

Spreading the Word about Your Soiree

  • Social media with a touch of sophistication! Create a Facebook event with elegant photos of the venue and delectable treats. Use keywords like “high tea,” “fundraiser,” and “Perth.”
  • Get in touch with local influencers! Perth has a vibrant community of bloggers and social media personalities. Reach out and see if they’d be interested in promoting your event.
  • Partner with local media outlets! Pitch your event to Perth’s lifestyle and culture magazines – they’re always looking for exciting events to feature.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

  • Dress code – optional but encouraged! Suggest a “dressy casual” theme to add a touch of elegance to the event.
  • Live music sets the mood! Hire a local musician (think pianist, harpist, or string quartet) to create a sophisticated ambience.
  • Etiquette tips are appreciated! Leave a few tasteful place cards with basic high tea etiquette reminders on each table.

4. The Games Night Extravaganza: Fun, Food & Fundraising

Calling all Perth game enthusiasts! This fundraising idea is perfect for unleashing your inner board game champion or trivia whiz.

Choose Your Battleground!

  • Look for a spacious venue – community centres, cafes with large backrooms, or even a function room at a local pub are all good options.
  • Consider a BYOB (bring your own beverage) policy to keep costs down for attendees.

Fueling Friendly Competition – Fundraising with Flavour!

  • Tommy Sugo can cater your game night feast! Pre-order a selection of their delicious pizzas or pasta, perfect for feeding a hungry group of gamers.
  • Get creative with themed snacks! If you’re hosting a trivia night, offer brain-shaped cookies or cupcakes. Board game night? Mini pizzas or savoury pastries are crowd-pleasers.
  • Run a concession stand! Sell drinks, chips, and other snacks to keep players fueled throughout the evening.

Spreading the Word about the Games

  • Social media with a playful twist! Create a Facebook event and use fun memes or game-related graphics to grab attention.
  • Partner with local game stores! Promote your event at local board game cafes and stores – gamers love a good challenge, especially one that supports a good cause.
  • Flyering done right! Put up eye-catching flyers at universities, community centres, and cafes frequented by young adults.

Let the Games Begin – And Fundraising Flourish!

  • Charge a small registration fee for tournaments. This adds an extra layer of excitement and a competitive edge.
  • Offer prizes! Source donations from local businesses or restaurants. Prizes can be anything from gift certificates to board games.
  • Costume contest (optional)! Encourage attendees to dress up as their favourite game characters and award prizes for the most creative get-up.
Fundraising Ideas

5. The Progressive Dinner Party: A Culinary Adventure with Fundraising Flair!

This unique fundraising concept involves a series of appetizers, main courses, and dessert parties hosted at different homes throughout Perth.

Plotting Your Progressive Course

  • Recruit a group of enthusiastic hosts! The more hosts, the merrier (and the more fundraising potential).
  • Map out the culinary journey! Divide the courses (appetizers, main course, dessert) amongst the participating homes.
  • Consider themes! Each host can choose a specific theme for their course (think Italian night, Asian fusion, or a vegetarian feast).

Fundraising Flavor Throughout the Journey

  • Tommy Sugo can be a delicious pitstop on your progressive dinner adventure! Hosts can pre-order individual portions or family-style meals to cater to their guests.
  • Get creative with course contributions! Guests can be encouraged to bring a specific dish to share, adding a potluck element to the evening.
  • Raffle with a twist! Instead of generic prizes, offer the chance to be a host at the following progressive dinner party.

Spreading the Word about Your Progressive Feast

  • Social media with a touch of mystery! Create a Facebook event with enticing photos of past progressive dinner parties (if you’ve held them before). Tease the locations and themes without giving away everything.
  • Partner with local food bloggers! Reach out to Perth-based food bloggers and influencers and see if they’d be interested in promoting your event.
  • Word-of-mouth is powerful! Encourage your network of friends and family to spread the word about this unique fundraising experience.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

  • Transportation – a must-consider! Help guests navigate between party locations by providing a map or coordinating a carpooling system.
  • Theming the journey! Encourage guests to dress up according to the overall theme or the theme of the specific course they’re attending.
  • Capture the memories! Designate a photo person at each party location to capture the fun and share photos on social media after the event.

6. The Great Perth Bake Off: Unleash Your Inner Baker and Raise Funds for a Cause!

Calling all Perth pastry chefs (or enthusiastic amateurs)! This event celebrates the joy of baking and raising funds for a good cause.

Setting the Stage for Sweet Success

  • Location is key! Look for a venue with ample space for baking stations, judging areas, and seating for attendees.
  • Partner with local baking supply stores! They might be willing to sponsor the event by providing ingredients or discounts for participants.

Fundraising with Flour Power!

  • Charge an entry fee for bakers! This will cover venue rental and other event costs.
  • Sell raffle tickets! Source donations from local businesses and restaurants. Prizes can be anything from kitchen appliances to gift certificates to Tommy Sugo!
  • Host a bake sale! Allow participants to sell their creations to the public after the judging.

Spreading the Word about the Bake Off

  • Social media with a touch of sweetness! Create a Facebook event with mouthwatering photos of past bake-off creations. Encourage bakers to register and share pictures of their entries.
  • Partner with local media outlets! Pitch your event to Perth’s lifestyle and food magazines – they love featuring baking competitions.
  • Get your message out there! Put up eye-catching flyers at supermarkets, cafes, and cooking schools.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches

  • Recruit a panel of esteemed judges! Local chefs, bakers, or food bloggers can lend their expertise to the competition.
  • Prizes galore! Award prizes for different categories (best overall, most creative, most delicious).
  • Fun activities for spectators! Organize cake decorating demonstrations or host a blind taste test for the audience.

Conclusion: Fuel Your Fundraising Fun with Tommy Sugo!

Let’s face it, fundraising shouldn’t feel like a chore. With a bit of creativity and a dash of deliciousness, it can be a fun and rewarding experience that brings the Perth community together, all while supporting a cause close to your heart. That’s where Tommy Sugo comes in! Their gourmet pasta, ravioli, and finger foods are the perfect solution to feeding a hungry crowd at your fundraising event.

Here’s how Tommy Sugo can be your fundraising hero:

  • Convenience Is Vital: Pre-order individual portions or family-style meals to simplify catering for your event.
  • Variety Is The Spice Of Life: You can cater to all dietary needs and preferences with a wide range of menu options.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Made with fresh, high-quality ingredients, Tommy Sugo’s meals are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.
  • Support Local: By choosing Tommy Sugo, you’re supporting a Perth-based business that shares your passion for community.

So, ditch the stress of planning a complex menu and let Tommy Sugo take care of the delicious details.

Now, get out there, Perthlings! Embrace your inner fundraising champion, unleash your creativity, and remember – with some planning, some Tommy Sugo magic, and a lot of fun, you can turn any event into a fundraising success story!

Ready to get started? Head to and explore their menu to find the perfect options for your next fundraising event!


I don’t have a lot of experience planning events. Can I still pull off a fundraiser?

Absolutely! Many of the fundraising ideas in this guide are designed to be simple and scalable. Start small, focus on having fun, and don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help.

How much money can I realistically expect to raise?

That depends on the size and scope of your event. However, even a tiny, well-organized fundraiser can generate a surprising amount of money. Focus on creating a fun and engaging experience, and the donations will follow.

Do I need a permit for my fundraising event?

It depends on the nature of your event. If you’re planning a large outdoor gathering or selling food, you might need a permit from your local council. It’s always best to check with them beforehand to avoid any last-minute hiccups.

How can I promote my fundraising event effectively?

Social media is a powerful tool! Create an event page, share enticing photos of Tommy Sugo’s delicious food, and spread the word about your chosen cause. Local media outlets, flyers, and word-of-mouth promotion can also be very effective.

What additional fundraising ideas can I incorporate into my event?

Silent Auctions: Source donations from local businesses and showcase them at your event.
Donation Matching: See if a local business is willing to match a portion of the proceeds raised.
Merchandise Sales: Create t-shirts or tote bags with your event logo and sell them at the event.

Can I get sponsorship for my fundraising event?

Absolutely! Reach out to local businesses that align with your cause and see if they’d be interested in sponsoring your event in exchange for promotion.

How can I thank my donors and attendees after the event?

A simple social media post expressing your gratitude goes a long way. You can also send personalized thank-you notes to major donors and volunteers.

What if my fundraising event raises less money than I hoped?

Don’t be discouraged! Fundraising is a marathon, not a sprint. Focus on the positive aspects of your event – the fun you had and the awareness you raised for your cause – and use it as a springboard for future fundraising efforts.

Is it okay to ask people to donate directly to my fundraising cause?

Of course! In addition to your event, you can set up a dedicated online donation page to allow people to contribute directly.

Most importantly, have fun!

Fundraising should be an enjoyable experience. Choose an activity you’re passionate about, unleash your creativity, and enjoy bringing your community together for a good cause.

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