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10 Unforgettable Dishes on a Traditional Italian Menu at Tommy Sugo: Don’t Settle for Same-Old, Same-Old! Unleash a Feast!

Perth, are you tired of the same old dinner routine? Craving a taste of something authentic, something that’ll transport you straight to the heart of Italy? Look no further than Tommy Sugo, your one-stop shop for mouthwatering, gourmet Italian delivered straight to your door! We’re talking about fresh, seasonal ingredients, bursting with flavour, prepared according to time-tested recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Critical Takeaways

  • Explore the magic of a traditional Italian menu at Tommy Sugo.
  • Discover diverse dishes beyond the usual suspects.
  • Unleash a flavour explosion on your taste buds.
  • Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.
  • Order online and have a delicious feast delivered straight to your doorstep.

Now, let’s delve into the magic of a traditional Italian menu. Forget the endless parade of carbonaras and bolognese (although we have those too, and they’re incredible!). A true Italian feast is a symphony of flavours and textures, a celebration of regional specialties and fresh, seasonal produce.

Antipasti: Whet Your Appetite with Italian Delights

Every Italian adventure begins with the antipasti, a selection of small bites designed to awaken your taste buds and prepare them for the culinary journey ahead. At Tommy Sugo, we offer a delightful array of antipasti on our traditional Italian menu, each one bursting with flavour and perfect for sharing (or keeping all to yourself, we won’t judge!).

Arancini: Sicily’s Golden Gems

Imagine biting into a crispy golden ball, revealing a molten centre of creamy rice, savoury cheese, and sometimes even hidden treasures like slow-braised meat or roasted vegetables. That’s the magic of arancini, a Sicilian street food that’s become a beloved antipasto across Italy.

We offer a variety of arancini on our traditional Italian menu, each with its ownunique flavour profile. Try our classic Spinach & 5 Cheese Arancini Balls, a vegetarian delight bursting with creamy ricotta, mozzarella, fontina, parmesan, and pecorino. Or, for a taste of something different, explore our Jackfruit Curry Arancini, a delicious fusion creation featuring tender jackfruit simmered in a fragrant curry sauce.

Cannelloni: A Feast for the Eyes and the Stomach

Cannelloni are large pasta tubes filled with savoury goodness and baked in a rich tomato sauce. They’re a showstopper on any traditional Italian menu, and we have two incredible options at Tommy Sugo. Our Porcini Mushroom & Ricotta Cannelloni is a vegetarian masterpiece, featuring earthy porcini mushrooms and creamy ricotta nestled within giant pasta tubes, all bathed in a luxurious tomato sauce.

For the meatlovers, our Sicilian Beef Cannelloni in Napolitana Sauce is a must-try. Tender slow-braised beef is combined with ricotta and herbs, then stuffed into cannelloni and baked in our signature Napolitana sauce, a vibrant symphony of tomatoes, garlic, and fresh basil.

Lasagne: A Classic Comfort Food

Lasagne is a cornerstone of any traditional Italian menu, and for good reason. Layers of pasta, rich sauce, creamy b├ęchamel, and melt-in-your-mouth cheese create a dish that’s both comforting and utterly delicious.

At Tommy Sugo, we offer a variety of lasagnas to tantalise your taste buds. Our 8 Vegetable Lasagne is a vegetarian delight, featuring a medley of seasonal vegetables layered with creamy b├ęchamel and a light tomato sauce. Craving some red meat? Our Harvey Beef Lasagne is a classic, featuring slow-braised WA beef and a rich tomato sauce. If you’re looking for a healthier option, try our Beef Cheek Lasagna with Wholemeal Pasta, a protein-packed and flavourful twist on a classic.

Ravioli & Gnocchi: Bite-Sized Delights

Ravioli and gnocchi are two other staples on a traditional Italian menu. Ravioli are small pasta parcels filled with a variety of delicious ingredients, while gnocchi are soft dumplings made from potato or flour. Both offer endless possibilities for flavour combinations.

We offer a wide selection of ravioli and gnocchi at Tommy Sugo, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Our Lamb Spelt Ravioli with Bush Tomato & Native Mint is a unique Australian twist, featuring the vibrant flavours of native ingredients. For a classic vegetarian option, try our Ricotta & Pesto Spelt Ravioli, a creamy and flavourful delight.

We haven’t forgotten the gluten-free folks! Our Gluten-Free Gnocchi and Gluten Free Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli ensure everyone can enjoy the deliciousness of a traditional Italian menu at Tommy Sugo.

Primi Piatti: The Heart of the Italian Meal

The antipasti have prepped your palate, and now it’s time for the main event: the primi piatti, which translates to “first course” in Italian. This is where a traditional Italian menu truly shines, showcasing the art of pasta making and regional specialties.

Fresh Pasta Creations: A Symphony of Flavours and Textures

Pasta is the undisputed king of primi piatti on a traditional Italian menu. At Tommy Sugo, we use only the freshest, high-quality pasta, cooked to al dente perfection. We then combine it with a variety of delicious sauces, from classic tomato-based creations to creamy carbonaras and vibrant vegetable concoctions.

One of our customer favourites is the Fresh Fettuccine. These long, flat ribbons of pasta are perfect for catching a generous amount of sauce. We offer it with several options, including a simple yet flavourful Napolitana sauce, a creamy Alfredo sauce, or a rich Bolognese ragu.

For something a little more adventurous, try our Baked Ricotta, Sundried Tomato & Caramelised Onion Tortelloni. These plump tortelloni are filled with a creamy ricotta mixture and bursting with the sweet and tangy flavours of sundried tomatoes and caramelised onions. It’s a vegetarian delight that’s sure to tantalise your taste buds.

Sauces: The Soul of the Dish

A good sauce can elevate a simple dish of pasta to new heights. On a traditional Italian menu, you’ll find a wide variety of sauces, each with its ownunique flavour profile. At Tommy Sugo, we use only the freshest ingredients to create our sauces, ensuring they burst with flavour in every bite.

Our Napolitana Sauce is a classic, made with vine-ripened tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil, and a touch of olive oil. It’s the perfect base for a variety of pasta dishes, from spaghetti to penne.

Feeling adventurous? Take a trip to Sicily with our “Siciliana Sauce.” This vibrant concoction features capers, capsicums, and anchovies, adding a salty and tangy kick to your pasta. It’s a delicious and unexpected twist on a traditional tomato sauce.

We also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options, like our creamy Bechamel Sauce and flavourful Primavera Sauce with mushrooms, olives, and chilli.

Don’t Forget the Sides: Contorni

While pasta takes centre stage in the primi piatti, a traditional Italian menu wouldn’t be complete without contorni, or side dishes. These are typically simple, vegetable-based dishes that complement the richness of the pasta.

At Tommy Sugo, we offer a variety of contorni to choose from, ensuring you get a well-rounded and balanced meal. Our roasted seasonal vegetables are a great way to add some colour and freshness to your plate. We also offer classic Italian sides like grilled zucchini and eggplant parmesan.

Gnocchi & Risotto: Alternative Delights

While pasta reigns supreme, a traditional Italian menu often features other delicious options for the primi piatti. Gnocchi, those soft dumplings made from potato or flour, are a comforting and hearty alternative. We offer them in a variety of flavours, like our classic Potato Gnocchi with a simple tomato sauce or our indulgent Gorgonzola & Walnut Gnocchi.

Risotto is another Italian favourite, made with short-grain rice cooked in a broth until it reaches a creamy consistency. At Tommy Sugo, we offer a selection of risottos, like our classic saffron risotto and our decadent porcini mushroom risotto.

traditional Italian menu

Secondi Piatti: Unveiling the Main Course Majesty

The primi piatti have laid a delightful foundation, and now it’s time for the secondi piatti, the “second course” in Italian. This is where a traditional Italian menu truly shines, showcasing the art of meat and seafood preparation, regional specialties, and hearty stews.

Carne Delizioso (Delicious Meats): A Carnivore’s Paradise

For meat lovers, a traditional Italian menu is a celebration of flavourful protein dishes. At Tommy Sugo, we source only the highest-quality cuts of meat from local WA producers, ensuring exceptional taste and texture in every bite.

Our signature dish, the Harvey Beef Ravioli, takes centre stage. Slow-braised Harvey beef chunks are nestled within delicate ravioli pockets and bathed in a rich tomato sauce. It’s a classic dish that embodies the essence of comfort food.

Feeling adventurous? Take a trip to Tuscany with our Veal Scaloppini al Limone. Tender veal scallops are pan-fried and drizzled with a vibrant lemon sauce, creating a light and flavourful dish that’s perfect for a summer evening.

For something slow-cooked and incredibly flavourful, try our Lamb Shanks with Rosemary & Garlic Mash. The lamb shanks are braised to melt-in-your-mouth tenderness, and infused with the fragrant aroma of rosemary. We serve them alongside creamy garlic mash, creating a truly satisfying meal.

Pesce Fresco (Fresh Fish): A Seafood Symphony

Italy boasts a rich seafood tradition, and a traditional Italian menu wouldn’t be complete without showcasing the bounty of the ocean. At Tommy Sugo, we use only the freshest seasonal seafood, ensuring you experience the true taste of the Mediterranean.

Our pan-seared Barramundi with Lemon Butter Sauce is a simple yet delightful dish. The barramundi is cooked to flaky perfection and finished with a creamy lemon butter sauce, creating a marriage of delicate flavours.

For those who love a bit of spice, our King Prawn Linguine with Spicy N’duja Sauce is a must-try. Juicy king prawns are tossed with linguine pasta and a fiery N’duja sausage sauce, creating a dish that packs a punch with every bite.

We also offer lighter seafood options like our Seared Scallops with Risotto and our Salmon Fillet with Roasted Vegetables, ensuring there’s something to tantalise every seafood lover’s taste buds.

Verdure Deliziose (Delicious Vegetables): Vegetarian Delights

A traditional Italian menu isn’t just for meat and seafood lovers. Many vegetarian options offer incredible flavour and depth. At Tommy Sugo, we take pride in crafting delicious vegetarian dishes that showcase the versatility of fresh seasonal vegetables.

Our Eggplant Parmesan is a classic dish that never disappoints. Layers of tender eggplant are breaded and fried to golden perfection, then layered with a rich tomato sauce and melted mozzarella cheese. It’s a vegetarian comfort food at its finest.

Craving something lighter? Try our Roasted Seasonal Vegetables with Balsamic Glaze. A vibrant mix of seasonal vegetables is roasted to perfection and finished with a sweet and tangy balsamic glaze. It’s a simple yet flavourful side dish or a light vegetarian main course.

We also offer vegetarian versions of some of our most popular dishes, like our Vegetarian Lasagna and our Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni, ensuring everyone can enjoy the deliciousness of a traditional Italian feast at Tommy Sugo.

Dolci: The Sweet Symphony to End a Perfect Meal

No traditional Italian menu is complete without a sweet ending. Dolci, or desserts, are an art form in Italy, offering a symphony of flavours and textures to leave you feeling satisfied and happy. At Tommy Sugo, we take pride in crafting delicious homemade desserts using only the finest ingredients.

Classic Italian Delights

For those who crave a taste of tradition, our traditional Italian menu offers a selection of classic dolci. Our Tiramisu is a must-try, featuring layers of ladyfingers soaked in espresso and layered with a creamy mascarpone cheese mixture. It’s a light and decadent dessert that’s perfect for sharing (or not!).

Another Italian favourite is our Panna Cotta. This smooth and creamy custard dessert is simply divine and can be enjoyed on its own or dressed up with fresh berries and a drizzle of fruit coulis.

For a touch of chocolate indulgence, try our decadent Flourless Chocolate Cake. This rich and fudgy cake is gluten-free and perfect for those who want to end their meal on a chocolaty high.

Modern Takes on Italian Sweets

While we love the classics, our traditional Italian menu also features some modern twists on Italian sweets. Our deconstructed Cannoli is a playful take on the traditional Sicilian pastry. We offer crispy cannoli shells filled with a creamy ricotta mixture and topped with fresh fruit and a dusting of powdered sugar. It’s a light and refreshing way to end your meal.

Craving something a little lighter? Our seasonal fruit salad with homemade vanilla gelato is the perfect solution. Fresh, seasonal fruits are tossed together and served with a scoop of our creamy vanilla gelato. It’s a refreshing and healthy way to end a delicious meal.

We also offer a selection of gluten-free and dairy-free desserts, ensuring everyone can enjoy a sweet treat at the end of their traditional Italian feast at Tommy Sugo.

Conclusion: Unleash a Symphony of Flavors with Tommy Sugo’s Traditional Italian Menu

So ditch the boring routine and embark on a culinary adventure with Tommy Sugo! Our traditional Italian menu offers a symphony of flavours and textures, showcasing the best of Italian cuisine. From melt-in-your-mouth pasta dishes to hearty stews and decadent desserts, we have something to tantalise every taste bud.

Ready to experience the magic of a traditional Italian feast? Order online today at and let Tommy Sugo deliver a taste of Italy straight to your doorstep!


1. What makes Tommy Sugo’s traditional Italian menu different?

At Tommy Sugo, we use only the freshest, seasonal ingredients to create our dishes. We also offer a variety of vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options, ensuring everyone can enjoy a delicious and authentic Italian meal.

2. Can I customise my order?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of add-ons and customisations for many of our dishes. You can also choose from different portion sizes to suit your needs.

3. How long does it take to get my order delivered?

Delivery times can vary depending on your location. However, we strive to get your order to you as quickly as possible, usually within an hour.

4. Do you offer catering services?

Yes, we do! Tommy Sugo is a great option for catering your next party or event. We offer a variety of catering packages to suit your needs and budget.

5. What are your payment options?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. You can also pay for your order online through our secure checkout system.

6. Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes, we do! Sign up for our loyalty program and earn points on every order. You can redeem your points for discounts on future orders.

7. What are your operating hours?

Our operating hours vary depending on the day of the week. You can find our current operating hours on our website at

8. Do you have a physical restaurant?

Currently, Tommy Sugo is a delivery-only service. However, we are always exploring new ways to bring our delicious food to you.

9. What are your dietary restrictions?

We offer a variety of vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options on our menu. You can find a full list of dietary restrictions on our website.

10. Can I order for pick-up instead of delivery?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a pick-up service. However, we are always looking for ways to improve our service, and this is something we may consider in the future.

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