Perth! 3 Fundraising Ideas That Are A-Lasagna-Awesome (and Delicious!)

Let’s face it, Perth. Fundraising can feel like a chore sometimes. You brainstorm ideas, delegate tasks, and spend ages baking a mountain of questionable cupcakes (hey, it happens to the best of us!). But what if there was a way to raise those precious funds and treat your supporters to a taste sensation?

That’s where Tommy Sugo comes in, your friendly neighbourhood purveyors of all things pasta-licious! We’re passionate about creating delicious, authentic Italian meals using only the freshest ingredients, and we’re equally passionate about supporting our Perth community.

So, ditch the stress of baking and embrace the power of pasta! Here are 3 fundraising ideas that are sure to be a hit with your supporters:

Critical Takeaways

  • Fundraising doesn’t have to be stressful
  • Tommy Sugo offers delicious Italian meals perfect for fundraising events
  • There are multiple ways to incorporate Tommy Sugo into your fundraiser

The Tommy Sugo Fundraiser Feast: A Deliciously Easy Option

Let’s face it, not everyone has the time or culinary skills to whip up a gourmet spread. That’s where the Tommy Sugo Fundraiser Feast comes in! We offer a generous discount on bulk orders of our most popular dishes, making it easy to create a mouthwatering feast for your supporters.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose from a selection of our most popular pasta dishes, like our melt-in-your-mouth Harvey Beef Lasagne or the ever-popular 5 Cheese & Spinach Gnocchi.
  • We offer a discounted price per service, so you can raise more money for your cause.
  • Simply take pre-orders from your supporters and let us take care of the cooking! We’ll deliver everything fresh and ready to serve on the day of your event.

Perfect for

  • School fundraising events: Raise money for new equipment, uniforms, or that epic end-of-year school trip!
  • Sporting clubs: Fuel your team spirit (and fundraising goals!) with a delicious pre-game or post-game feed.
  • Community groups: Bring people together for a good cause and some seriously good pasta!

Top Tips for Your Tommy Sugo Fundraiser Feast

  • Get creative with your marketing! Design eye-catching posters or flyers showcasing Tommy Sugo’s delicious dishes.
  • Offer a variety of portion sizes to cater to different budgets.
  • Don’t forget the drinks! Offer a selection of Italian soft drinks or juices to complete the meal.
  • Spread the word! Promote your fundraiser on social media, local community groups, and noticeboards.

A Fundraising Example

Imagine you’re fundraising for a new playground at your local school. You could offer a selection of Tommy Sugo dishes at a discounted price, like:

  • Harvey Beef Lasagne – $10 per serve
  • 5 Cheese & Spinach Gnocchi – $8 per serve
  • Napolitana Sauce – $3 per serve
  • Plus, a selection of Italian drinks for $2 each.

By promoting your fundraiser effectively and offering a delicious and convenient option, you’re sure to raise a significant amount of money for your cause, all while treating your supporters to a taste of Italy!

The Eco-Friendly Bonus

We use recyclable and compostable packaging whenever possible, so you can feel good about your fundraiser’s environmental impact.

The Tommy Sugo Ravioli Relay Race: A Fun and Active Twist

Looking for a more interactive fundraising idea? Then look no further than the Tommy Sugo Ravioli Relay Race! This fun and active event is perfect for getting people moving and laughing, all while raising money for your cause.

Here’s how it works:

  • Divide participants into teams of 4-6 people.
  • Each team member will have a plate of uncooked Tommy Sugo ravioli.
  • The first team member must race to a designated “cooking station” (a pot of boiling water will do!), cook their ravioli, and return to their team.
  • Once they’ve tagged their teammate, the next person races to cook their ravioli, and so on.
  • The first team to have all members cook their ravioli wins!

Perfect for

  • Work functions: A fun and team-building activity that raises money for a worthy cause.
  • Community events: Get everyone involved in a lighthearted competition for a good cause.
  • Family fun days: A fun activity that kids and adults will both enjoy.

Make it Extra Special

Offer prizes for the winning team and the team with the most creative ravioli decoration (encourage participants to get creative with edible flowers, herbs, or even cheese!)

  • Set up a donation station where people can contribute additional funds to your cause.
  • Have a photographer capture all the fun and laughter for your social media pages!

Fundraising Fun Fact

Did you know that friendly competition can boost fundraising efforts? A little healthy rivalry can encourage people to donate more and participate more actively.

The Ravioli Relay Race in Action

Picture this: a sunny afternoon at a local park. Teams of friends, families, and colleagues gather around, all smiles and competitive spirit. The whistle blows, and the first participants race off, balancing plates of delicate ravioli. Laughter fills the air as some ravioli take a tumble (don’t worry, they’re still delicious!), and the teams cheer each other on. It’s a day of fun, community, and of course, delicious pasta!


The Tommy Sugo Cannoli Canvassing Caper: A Sweet (and Profitable!) Adventure

Fundraising doesn’t have to be confined to a single event! Here’s where the Tommy Sugo Cannoli Canvassing Caper comes in. This unique idea allows you to raise funds while spreading awareness about your cause in a delicious way.

How it Works

  • Become a Tommy Sugo Cannoli Crusader: Partner with Tommy Sugo and receive a discounted bulk order of our irresistible cannoli.
  • Assemble Your Cannoli Crew: Recruit a group of enthusiastic volunteers (friends, family, community members) to help you sell.
  • Hit the Streets! Armed with your delicious cannoli and a captivating pitch about your cause, head out to local events, and farmers’ markets, or even set up a stall in a high-traffic area.

Perfect for

  • Animal shelters: Set up a stall outside a pet store or park and raise funds for your furry friends!
  • Environmental groups: Raise awareness about sustainability while offering a delicious treat.
  • Local charities: Reach out to your community and spread the word about your cause, one cannoli at a time.

Cannoli Canvassing Tips

  • Dress for Success: Create a catchy team uniform or wear t-shirts with your cause’s logo.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Develop a short, informative speech about your cause and why people should support you.
  • Embrace the Power of Presentation: Display your cannoli beautifully, with enticing signage and information about your cause. Offer samples (responsibly, of course!) to tempt potential buyers.
  • Go Digital: Promote your Cannoli Canvassing Caper on social media and encourage people to share your posts.

A Cannoli Caper Case Study

Imagine you’re fundraising for a local arts program. You partner with Tommy Sugo and purchase a discounted bulk order of their classic ricotta cannoli and decadent chocolate cannoli. Your Cannoli Crew sets up a stall at a bustling farmers’ market. You wear bright t-shirts with your cause’s logo and have eye-catching posters explaining your mission. Your team members deliver friendly pitches and offer samples of the delicious cannoli. Throughout the day, people stop by, captivated by the cannoli and your passionate team. By the end of the market, you’ve not only raised a significant amount of money but also spread awareness about the importance of arts education in your community.

Sweeten the Deal

Partner with a local coffee vendor to offer cannoli and coffee pairings for an extra fundraising boost.

Conclusion: Fuel Your Fundraising with Tommy Sugo!

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a chore. With a little creativity and delicious Tommy Sugo on your side, you can turn it into a fun and rewarding experience for everyone involved. Here’s a quick recap of the fundraising ideas we’ve explored:

  • The Tommy Sugo Fundraiser Feast: A convenient and delicious option, perfect for raising money for any cause.
  • The Tommy Sugo Ravioli Relay Race: A fun and active way to get people moving and donating.
  • The Tommy Sugo Cannoli Canvassing Caper: A unique way to raise awareness and funds while spreading sweetness throughout your community.

Remember, at Tommy Sugo, we’re passionate about giving back. That’s why we offer discounted bulk orders on our most popular dishes and support local fundraising initiatives whenever possible.

Ready to take your fundraising to the next level?

Visit our website at [] or call us to discuss your fundraising needs and how Tommy Sugo can help you make a difference. Let’s turn your fundraising goals into a delicious reality!

Don’t forget to check out our FAQs below for answers to some commonly asked questions about fundraising with Tommy Sugo.


1. How much does a Tommy Sugo Fundraiser Feast cost?

The cost of your Tommy Sugo Fundraiser Feast will depend on the dishes you choose and the quantity you order. However, we offer generous discounts on bulk orders, making it a very cost-effective fundraising option. Contact us for a specific quote based on your needs!

2. Can I customise my Tommy Sugo Fundraiser Feast?

Absolutely! We offer a wide variety of pasta dishes, sauces, and sides to choose from. You can create a menu that perfectly suits your taste and budget.

3. How do I order for the Tommy Sugo Ravioli Relay Race?

Simply contact us and let us know how many participants you expect. We’ll provide you with a discounted bulk order of uncooked ravioli, perfect for your race.

4. Do I need to cook the ravioli for the Tommy Sugo Ravioli Relay Race?

Yes, the fun of the race is in cooking the ravioli! We recommend using a large pot of boiling water at each “cooking station.”

5. Can I add prizes to the Tommy Sugo Ravioli Relay Race?

Of course! Adding prizes for the winning team and the most creative ravioli decoration is a great way to add to the fun and encourage participation.

6. How much can I raise with the Tommy Sugo Cannoli Canvassing Caper?

The amount you can raise will depend on several factors, such as the number of cannoli you sell, the price you set, and the length of your canvassing session. However, the Cannoli Canvassing Caper is a great way to raise awareness and generate some quick fundraising wins.

7. Can I get help promoting my Tommy Sugo fundraising event?

We encourage you to promote your event on social media and local community groups. We can also provide you with promotional materials, such as flyers and posters.

8. Do I need any special permits to sell cannoli during the Tommy Sugo Canvassing Caper?

It’s always best to check with your local council to see if any permits are required for selling food in public spaces.

9. What are Tommy Sugo’s opening hours?

Our opening hours vary depending on the location. Please visit our website at [] for specific opening hours for your nearest Tommy Sugo store.

10. Does Tommy Sugo offer any gluten-free options?

Yes, we offer a variety of delicious gluten-free pasta dishes, sauces, and cannoli shells. Please let us know of any dietary restrictions when placing your order.

Order now!

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