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Perth! It’s Time to Ditch the Dated: 10 Best Modern Sympathy Gifts That Really Show You Care

Let’s face it, Perth. When someone you love is grieving, a bunch of wilting lilies and a fruit basket that looks like it escaped from the 1970s just don’t cut it anymore. You want to show you care, but the traditional sympathy gifts can feel a bit…well, predictable.

Here’s the good news: Perth is brimming with fantastic options for modern sympathy gifts. We’re talking gifts that are as thoughtful as they are unique, gifts that truly go the extra mile to show someone you’re there for them during this difficult time.

Critical Takeaways

  • Modern sympathy gifts are all about offering comfort and practicality.
  • Consider gifts that promote self-care, provide nourishment, or create lasting memories.
  • A thoughtful, personalised gift shows you’ve put extra effort into supporting your grieving friend or family member.

Modern Sympathy Gifts: Thoughtful Food Gifts for the Grieving

Let’s be honest, grief can zap your energy levels faster than you can say “carb loading.” That’s why a gift that nourishes the body and soul is a fantastic way to show you care. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Comfort Food Classics with a Modern Twist

Who doesn’t love a home-cooked meal when they’re feeling down? But why not ditch the casserole and opt for something a little more special? Perth has a phenomenal selection of gourmet food delivery services (ahem, wink wink, nudge nudge Tommy Sugo), offering fresh, delicious meals made with high-quality ingredients. Imagine a steaming plate of our signature Harvey Beef Lasagna or a creamy Pumpkin & Feta Cannelloni – pure comfort food heaven delivered straight to their doorstep. Plus, it saves them the hassle of grocery shopping and cooking, giving them more time to rest and heal.

Pro Tip: If you know their favourite dish, consider having it recreated by a local chef or caterer. It’s a personal touch that shows you’ve been thinking of them.

The Gift of Convenience: Meal Delivery Services

Speaking of convenience, a subscription to a meal delivery service like HelloFresh or Marley Spoon can be a lifesaver for someone who’s grieving. It takes the stress out of meal planning and grocery shopping, ensuring they have healthy, delicious options readily available. Plus, many services offer a variety of dietary restrictions, so you can find something that suits their needs perfectly.

Modern Sympathy Gift Bonus: Pair this gift with a beautiful set of ceramic plates or some cozy throws for a truly thoughtful gesture.

Nourishing the Soul with Comforting Beverages

Sometimes, a simple cup of tea can do wonders for the soul. Perth boasts a vibrant tea scene, with shops offering loose-leaf blends for every mood. Consider a gift basket filled with calming chamomile, uplifting citrus blends, or a selection of herbal teas known for their stress-relieving properties.

Modern Sympathy Gift Bonus:  Include a cute mug with a heartwarming message or a cozy scarf to keep them warm while they sip their tea.

Gifting the Power of Self-Care: Wellness Hampers

Let’s face it, self-care often goes out the window when you’re dealing with grief. A beautifully curated wellness hamper filled with luxurious bath products, essential oils, scented candles, and cozy slippers can be a wonderful reminder to take some time for themselves. Perth has a thriving market for locally-made bath products and candles – you can find some truly unique and beautiful items that promote relaxation and self-care.

Modern Sympathy Gift Bonus: Tuck a handwritten note into the hamper expressing your condolences and offering your support.

Creating Lasting Memories: Personalised Gifts for Comfort

While flowers are lovely, a gift that creates a lasting memory can be even more meaningful. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

The Gift of Memories: A Photo Album or Keepsake Box

Grief is often a journey of remembering the good times. Consider creating a personalised photo album filled with pictures of the deceased and your friend or family member. Alternatively, a beautiful keepsake box where they can store cherished mementos can be a thoughtful gesture.

Modern Sympathy Gift Bonus:  If you’re feeling creative, you could even put together a digital slideshow or video montage showcasing your favourite memories.

Planting a Seed of Hope: A Donation to a Charity They Cared About

Did the person you lost have a particular cause they were passionate about? A donation to their favourite charity in their name is a beautiful way to honour their memory and provide comfort to the grieving.

Cultivating Calm: Gifts to Promote Relaxation and Well-being

Grief can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Here are some gift ideas to help your loved one find moments of peace and relaxation:

The Gift of Relaxation: A Spa Day or Massage

A spa day or massage can be a wonderful way to help your friend or family member unwind and de-stress. Perth has a fantastic selection of day spas offering a variety of treatments, from aromatherapy massages to soothing facials.

Modern Sympathy Gift Bonus:  If a spa day feels a bit extravagant, consider gifting a massage gun or a luxurious bathrobe for at-home pampering.

Finding Zen Through Meditation: Meditation Apps or Classes

Meditation has become increasingly popular for its ability to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Consider gifting a subscription to a meditation app like Calm or Headspace, or find a local meditation class they can attend.

Modern Sympathy Gift Bonus:  Add a cozy meditation cushion or a guided meditation journal to their gift for an extra touch.

The Power of Scent: Diffusers and Essential Oils

Aromatherapy has been shown to have a calming and mood-boosting effect. Gift a beautiful essential oil diffuser and a selection of calming essential oils like lavender, chamomile, or bergamot. Perth has a thriving market for locally-made essential oil blends – you can find some truly unique and therapeutic options.

Modern Sympathy Gift Bonus: Include a calming aromatherapy candle or a scented eye pillow to complete the gift set.

Immersing Themselves in a Good Book: Gift Cards or Book Subscriptions

Sometimes, the best way to escape is to get lost in a good book. Gift a voucher to a local bookstore or a subscription service like BookBub or Kindle Unlimited. This gives them the freedom to choose a book that interests them and provides a welcome distraction during difficult times.

Modern Sympathy Gift Bonus:  If you know their favourite genre, consider gifting a pre-selected book or two along with the voucher/subscription.

Modern Sympathy Gift

The Gift of Connection: Spending Quality Time Together

There’s no substitute for the power of human connection. Here are some ways you can offer your presence and support:

Simply Be There: Offer Help with Errands or Chores

Grief can be incredibly overwhelming, making even simple tasks feel impossible. Offer to help with errands, grocery shopping, or household chores. Taking some of these burdens off their shoulders can give them some much-needed breathing room.

Modern Sympathy Gift Bonus:  Prepare a home-cooked meal or bake some comforting treats to share while you’re there.

The Gift of Shared Memories: Plan an Outing or Activity

Sometimes, a change of scenery can be just what the doctor ordered. Plan a low-key outing to a park, a museum they’ve been wanting to visit, or simply take a walk along the beach. Sharing new experiences or reminiscing about old times can be a great way to connect and offer support.

Modern Sympathy Gift Bonus:  If they’re not up for something too strenuous, offer to watch a movie together at their place or have a cozy game night in.

The Power of Listening: Lend an Ear and Offer Emotional Support

Sometimes, the most important gift you can offer is simply your presence and a listening ear. Let them know you’re there for them, to listen without judgment, and offer support in any way you can.

Modern Sympathy Gift Bonus:  If they’re struggling to cope, encourage them to seek professional help from a therapist or grief counsellor.

Conclusion: Showing You Care in Modern Ways

When someone you love is grieving, the most important thing is to show you care. These modern sympathy gift ideas offer a way to go beyond the traditional and provide comfort, support, and a reminder that they’re not alone.


  1. What are some things to consider when choosing a sympathy gift?

    When choosing a sympathy gift, consider the personality of the grieving person and their current needs. Are they someone who would appreciate a practical gift like a meal delivery service, or would they prefer something more sentimental like a donation to charity?

  2. Is it okay to send flowers anymore?

    Absolutely! Flowers can still be a lovely gesture, especially if you know the recipient particularly enjoys them. However, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, there are plenty of other options available.

  3. I’m not sure how close I am to the person who is grieving. What should I do?

    Even a small gesture can show you care. A handwritten card expressing your condolences or a simple gift basket filled with tea and comforting snacks can be a thoughtful way to offer support.

  4. The person who passed away was a child. What kind of gift is appropriate?

    When a child has passed away, the focus should be on supporting the grieving parents or family. A donation to a children’s charity in the child’s name, a gift certificate to a local bookstore to purchase children’s books, or a framed photo of the child can all be meaningful gestures.

  5. Should I send a sympathy gift if I can’t attend the funeral?

    Absolutely! A sympathy gift is a way to show your condolences regardless of whether you can attend the funeral.

  6. Is it okay to wait to send a sympathy gift?

    While it’s most thoughtful to send a gift soon after the loss, it’s never too late to offer your condolences. Grief is a long journey, and a gift sent weeks or even months later can still be a source of comfort.

  7. What if I can’t afford a gift?

    Your presence and support are the most important gifts you can offer. A handwritten card expressing your condolences or a simple phone call to let them know you’re thinking of them can be incredibly meaningful.

  8. How can I offer emotional support to someone who is grieving?

    The most important thing is to simply be there for them. Let them know you care, offer a listening ear without judgment, and be patient with their process. Encourage them to take care of themselves and seek professional help if they need it.

  9. Where can I find more resources on coping with grief?

    The National Centre for Grief, Children & Bereavement:
    The Compassionate Friends:
    Beyond Blue:

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