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10 Best Personalised Sympathy Gifts Australia (That Aren’t Flowers!)

Let’s face it, folks, losing someone close is never easy. While a bouquet of beautiful blooms is a classic gesture, sometimes you want to offer something a little more personal and long-lasting. After all, your heartfelt condolences deserve a heartfelt expression, right?

Critical Takeaways:

  • Sending sympathy gifts is a thoughtful way to show you care during a difficult time.
  • Consider personalised gifts that reflect the recipient’s interests or the deceased’s personality.
  • Explore options beyond flowers for a unique and meaningful gesture.

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So, ditch the generic and delve into the world of personalised sympathy gifts! Here in Perth, we’ve got a treasure trove of options to choose from, and we’re here to guide you through 10 thoughtful picks that go beyond the floral tribute:

1. Sympathy Gifts Australia, Comforting Food for the Soul (Because Everyone Loves Food!)

Let’s be honest, sometimes the best way to express your sympathy is through the universal language of food. Who doesn’t feel a little better after a warm, delicious meal? Perth is bursting with gourmet food producers and delivery services like Tommy Sugo. Imagine sending a gift basket filled with their mouthwatering pastas, sauces, and arancini balls – a comforting culinary hug delivered straight to their doorstep.

A Taste of Home

Think about what the deceased loved to eat. Did they have a nostalgic dish or a favourite local restaurant? Perhaps you could recreate their signature recipe or source a gourmet version from a local producer. This personal touch shows you were paying attention and care about their loved ones.

Food Hampers for Sharing

Grief can be a lonely journey. Sending a food hamper filled with enough goodies for the whole family encourages them to come together, share a meal, and reminisce about cherished memories. Think gourmet cheeses, artisan breads, locally-sourced jams, and of course, some sweet treats for comfort.

The Gift of Convenience

Sometimes, during times of grief, the last thing someone wants to do is cook. Consider gifting them a subscription to a meal delivery service like Tommy Sugo! This way, they can enjoy delicious, home-cooked meals without the hassle of shopping and preparation. It’s a small gesture that makes a big difference.

Food for the Future

If you know the family is planning a memorial service or gathering, offer to help with catering or contribute towards the cost. Taking this burden off their shoulders allows them to focus on remembering their loved one.

2. Sympathy Gifts Australia, The Gift of Remembrance (Keepsakes that Last a Lifetime)

A personalised gift that keeps the memory of the deceased alive can be incredibly comforting. Perth boasts a vibrant art and craft scene, so here are some ideas to get you started:

A Memory Box

Find a beautiful box or memory chest and fill it with mementos like photos, letters, trinkets, or even recordings of stories shared about the deceased. This becomes a treasured keepsake for the family to cherish.

A Personalised Photo Album

Create a photo album filled with pictures of the deceased and their loved ones. You can even include handwritten captions or stories to add a personal touch.

A Piece of Personalised Artwork

Commission a local artist to create a piece of artwork that reflects the deceased’s personality or interests. This could be a painting, sculpture, or even a piece of personalised jewellery.

A Memorial Planting

Plant a tree or shrub in the deceased’s memory in their favourite park or garden. This creates a lasting tribute that grows and flourishes over time, symbolizing the continuation of life and love.

Sympathy Gifts Australia

3. Sympathy Gifts Australia, Gifts for the Heart and Soul (Offering Comfort and Support)

Sometimes, the most meaningful gifts are those that offer comfort and support during a difficult time. Here are some ideas from Perth’s diverse range of offerings:

A Donation in Their Name

Make a donation to a charity that was close to the deceased’s heart in their name. This is a thoughtful way to honour their memory while supporting a cause they cared about.

A Spa Day or Massage

Grief can take a toll on both body and mind. Gifting a spa day or massage allows the recipient to relax, unwind, and find some much-needed self-care.

A Book of Comfort and Reflection

A thoughtful book on grief, loss, or inspirational stories can offer comfort and support during a difficult time.

A Journaling Kit

Writing down emotions and memories can be a therapeutic way to process grief. Gift a beautiful journal and some pens, letting them know you’re there

4. Sympathy Gifts Australia, The Power of Words (Expressing Your Deepest Condolences)

Words have the power to comfort, uplift, and offer solace during times of hardship. Here are some ways to personalize your message of sympathy:

A Handwritten Letter

In today’s digital age, a handwritten letter expressing your condolences can be incredibly meaningful. Share your fondest memories of the deceased, offer words of support, and let them know you’re thinking of them.

A Poem or Quote

Find a poem or quote that resonates with the situation and share it with the grieving family. It can offer comfort and a sense of understanding during challenging times.

A Memory Jar

This is a beautiful and interactive way to share memories of the deceased. Encourage the family and friends to write down their favourite memories and stories on small pieces of paper and deposit them in a decorative jar. This becomes a cherished keepsake they can revisit whenever they need a smile.

Create a Memory Wall

Similar to the memory jar, create a dedicated space where people can share photos, memorabilia, and handwritten messages about the deceased. This not only honours their memory but also fosters a sense of community and shared grief.

5. Sympathy Gifts Australia, The Gift of Time and Presence (Being There Matters Most)

While tangible gifts can be thoughtful, sometimes the most valuable gift is your time and presence. Here are some ways to offer your support:

Offer Practical Help

During times of grief, everyday tasks can become overwhelming. Offer to help with errands, cooking meals, childcare, or even just running errands. This practical support takes the pressure off and allows the family to focus on their emotional well-being.

Lend an Ear

Sometimes, the best way to show you care is simply to be there and listen. Offer a shoulder to cry on or a listening ear without judgement. Let them know you’re available to talk whenever they need someone to listen.

Share Memories

Reminiscing about the deceased can be a way to celebrate their life and find comfort in shared memories. Offer to look through old photos, tell stories, or simply reminisce about the good times.

Attend Memorial Services or Gatherings

If invited, attending memorial services or gatherings shows your support and lets the family know you’re there for them during this difficult time.

6. Sympathy Gifts Australia, Giving Back to the Community (Honouring Their Legacy)

If the deceased was passionate about a particular cause or community, consider ways to honour their memory through giving back

Volunteer Your Time

Volunteer your time to a cause the deceased cared about in their name. This is a meaningful way to contribute to something they were passionate about while honouring their memory.

Organize a Community Event

If you feel up to it, consider organizing a community event in the deceased’s honour. This could be a charity fundraiser, a blood drive, or even a community cleanup project.

Share Their Story

With their family’s permission, consider sharing the deceased’s story with others. This could be done through a local newspaper article, a social media post, or even a public presentation. Sharing their story keeps their memory alive and inspires others.

Plant a Community Garden

Planting a community garden in the deceased’s memory not only creates a beautiful space for people to gather but also fosters a sense of community and serves as a lasting tribute.


Losing someone close is never easy, but finding a way to offer your condolences and support can make a world of difference. By going beyond the typical and choosing a personalized sympathy gifts Australia that reflects the recipient’s needs and the deceased’s personality, you can offer comfort and support during a difficult time. Remember, even the smallest gestures can have a profound impact.


  1. What are some things to consider when choosing a personalized sympathy gift?

    The recipient’s needs: Consider what the recipient might need or appreciate during this difficult time. Are they grieving alone, do they have young children, or are they facing financial difficulties?
    The deceased’s personality: Think about the deceased’s interests, hobbies, or favourite things. Choosing a gift that reflects their personality adds a thoughtful touch.
    Your relationship with the recipient: The level of personalization can vary depending on your closeness to the recipient. A close friend might appreciate a more personal gift, while a distant

  2. Are there any gifts I should avoid giving?

    Gifts that are overly religious or spiritual: Unless you know the recipient’s religious beliefs well, it’s best to avoid gifts with religious connotations.
    Gifts that are too personal: Avoid gifts that could be seen as insensitive or intrusive, such as framed photos of the deceased or personalized jewelry with their initials.
    Alcohol or other potentially harmful substances: While some people may find comfort in alcohol, it’s generally best to avoid giving such gifts during a time of grief.

  3. Can I personalize a gift basket?

    Absolutely! Gift baskets are a great way to offer a variety of items that cater to the recipient’s needs. You can personalize them by including their favourite snacks, drinks, or even self-care items like candles or bath bombs.

  4. Is it okay to give a gift card as a sympathy gift?

    While some people might feel that gift cards are impersonal, they can actually be a thoughtful option. This allows the recipient to choose something they truly need or want during this difficult time.

  5. What if I’m on a tight budget?

    Even a small gesture can go a long way. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show you care. Consider baking a batch of cookies, writing a heartfelt letter, or creating a personalized card.

  6. Where can I find personalized sympathy gifts in Perth?

    Perth has a diverse range of shops and online stores offering personalized gifts. You can also explore websites like Etsy or Not on the High Street that offer unique and handcrafted options.

  7. How long should I wait to send a sympathy gift?

    There is no right or wrong answer to this question. You can send a gift right away, or wait a few weeks to give the family some time to grieve privately.

  8. What should I write in a sympathy card?

    Keep your message simple and sincere. Express your condolences, share a fond memory of the deceased, and let the recipient know you’re thinking of them.

  9. What should I write in a sympathy card?

    Keep your message simple and sincere. Express your condolences, share a fond memory of the deceased, and let the recipient know you’re thinking of them.

  10. Can I offer help with practical tasks instead of sending a gift?

    Absolutely! Offering practical help, such as cooking meals, running errands, or offering childcare, can be a huge support to someone who is grieving.

  11. What if I don’t know what to say or do?

    It’s okay to not know what to say or do. The most important thing is to be there for the recipient in whatever way you can, even if it’s just offering a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start? Tommy Sugo offers a variety of gourmet food options that can be incorporated into your personalized sympathy gift, from creating a comforting food hamper to catering a memorial service. Explore our website at or call us today to discuss how we can help you express your heartfelt condolences in a delicious way.

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