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Mens Sympathy Gifts: 10 Man-tastic Sympathy Gifts That’ll Be Appreciated (Because Let’s Face It, Dudes Don’t Do Flowers)

Critical Takeaways

  • Men often prefer practical or consumable men’s sympathy gifts over traditional sympathy offerings.
  • Consider the deceased’s relationship with the grieving man when choosing a gift.
  • A heartfelt message or offering practical help can be more meaningful than any material gift.

Let’s be honest, fellas. When it comes to showing sympathy, flowers just aren’t always the right call. It’s not that we don’t care – of course we do! But sometimes, a bunch of lilies just feels a bit…well, out of place. (Unless the bloke is a massive gardening enthusiast, then maybe go for it!)

That’s where Tommy Sugo comes in. We’re all about bringing people together over delicious food, and sometimes, that means showing someone you’re thinking of them during a tough time. But fear not, mates! We’re not suggesting you rock up with a steaming plate of rigatoni (although, let’s be real, who would say no to that?).

In this guide, we’ll explore some fantastic alternatives to the traditional floral offering. We’re talking about men’s sympathy gifts that are practical, thoughtful, and most importantly, something a bloke can truly appreciate.

Foodie Delights to Soothe the Soul (Because Everyone Loves Good Food)

Let’s face it, during times of grief, the last thing most people want to do is cook.  (Especially if they’re not exactly Jamie Oliver in the kitchen!)  That’s where food delivery services like Tommy Sugo come to the rescue. Here are a few ideas:

A Delicious Delivery from Tommy Sugo (Because We Know What We’re Doing)

We get it. You want to show you care, but you might not have the time or energy to whip up a gourmet meal yourself. That’s where Tommy Sugo steps in. We offer a wide selection of delicious, home-style Italian dishes made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • A Hearty Lasagna: There’s a reason lasagna is a classic comfort food. Our hearty beef lasagna or creamy ricotta and spinach cannelloni are sure to hit the spot and provide some much-needed nourishment during a difficult time.
  • A Selection of Arancini Balls: These delicious fried rice balls come in a variety of flavours, like Harvey Beef, Pumpkin & Feta, and Jackfruit Curry. They’re perfect for a quick and easy snack or light meal.
  • A Gourmet Pasta Dish: Sometimes, a simple plate of pasta can be incredibly comforting. (Especially when it’s not the instant stuff from the pantry!) Our menu features a variety of classic and contemporary pasta dishes, like our fresh fettuccine or baked ricotta tortelloni.

Remember, you can also add a heartfelt message to your order, letting the recipient know you’re thinking of them.

A Gourmet Food Hamper Overflowing with Goodies

For a truly impressive gesture, consider sending a gourmet food hamper.  (Think of it like a sympathy gift basket on steroids!)  There are plenty of companies in Perth that offer pre-made hampers, or you can create your own by filling a basket with delicious treats like:

  • Gourmet Cheeses and Crackers: A selection of high-quality cheeses and crackers is a perfect gift for someone who might not feel like cooking but still wants something delicious to enjoy.
  • Specialty Meats and Salamis: Pair those cheeses with some cured meats and salami for a truly decadent treat.
  • Dried Fruits and Nuts: These healthy snacks are a great way to provide some energy and nourishment during a difficult time.
  • Local Craft Beers or Wines: (Because sometimes, a bloke just needs a beer!) If you know the recipient’s taste, you could include a selection of craft beers or a nice bottle of wine.
  • Coffee and Tea: For the coffee or tea lover, a bag of their favourite blend or a selection of different flavours is a thoughtful gift.

Don’t forget to include a handwritten note expressing your condolences.

Men’s Sympathy Gifts That Help Him Remember (Because Cherished Memories Deserve to Be Honored)

Sometimes, the most meaningful men’s sympathy gifts are those that help the grieving man remember his loved one. Here are a few ideas:

A Personalised Photo Album or Keepsake Box

A photo album filled with pictures of the deceased and the grieving man is a thoughtful way to help him cherish their memories. You could also create a personalised keepsake box filled with mementos, such as ticket stubs from a shared experience, a handwritten note, or a special trinket.

Pro Tip: If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could even put together a digital scrapbook or slideshow filled with photos and videos.

A Donation to a Charity They Cared About

If the deceased was passionate about a particular cause, consider donating to a charity in their name. This is a great way to honour their memory while also supporting a worthy organisation.  (Just make sure it’s a cause the bloke would approve of!)

Don’t forget to send a card or note to the grieving man letting him know about the donation.

A Book About Dealing with Grief (But Not One That’s Too Preachy)

There are many great books available on the topic of grief and loss. Choose a book that’s well-written and offers practical advice and support, but avoid anything that feels too preachy or overly sentimental.

Remember, some blokes might not be keen on a self-help book. If you’re unsure, this might be a gift best left to a close friend or family member.

men’s sympathy gifts

Practical Men’s Sympathy Gifts to Ease the Burden (Because Sometimes a Helping Hand is the Best Gift)

During times of grief, even the simplest tasks can feel overwhelming. Here are a few practical men’s sympathy gifts that can help ease the burden:

A Housekeeping or Gardening Service (Because Who Needs More Chores Right Now?)

Taking some of the household chores off the grieving man’s plate can be a huge help. Consider gifting him a few cleaning sessions from a professional housekeeping service. You could also offer to help out yourself with things like mowing the lawn or doing some grocery shopping.

Even small gestures, like walking the dog or taking out the trash, can make a big difference.

A Gift Certificate for a Massage or Spa Day (Because Self-Care Isn’t Selfish)

Grief can take a toll on both the mind and body.  (Let’s be honest, most blokes probably aren’t getting regular massages!)  A gift certificate for a massage or spa day can be a great way to help the grieving man relax and take some time for himself.

You could even offer to go with him, making it a chance to catch up and offer your support.

A Service That Takes Care of Errands (Because Who Has Time for That?)

Running errands can be a real hassle, especially when you’re dealing with grief. Consider gifting the man a service that takes care of errands for him, such as grocery delivery, dry cleaning pick-up, or even pet care services.

These types of services can free up some of his time and allow him to focus on more important things.

Men’s Sympathy Gifts That Offer Comfort and Distraction (Because Sometimes You Just Need a Break)

Sometimes, the best way to deal with grief is to take your mind off things for a while. Here are a few men’s sympathy gifts that can offer comfort and distraction:

Tickets to a Sporting Event or Concert (Because a Night Out Can Be a Good Mood Booster)

If the grieving man enjoys sports or music, consider getting him tickets to a game or concert. This can be a great way for him to get out of the house, have some fun, and take his mind off things for a while.

Just make sure it’s something he’d enjoy. Dragging him to a ballet probably won’t do the trick!

A Subscription to a Streaming Service (Because Sometimes You Just Want to Binge-Watch TV)

A subscription to a streaming service like Netflix or Stan can provide some much-needed entertainment during a difficult time. Curate a list of shows or movies you think he might enjoy, or let him choose his favourites.

This is a great option for nights when he just doesn’t feel like socialising but still wants something to take his mind off things.

A New Book or Audiobook (Because Getting Lost in a Good Story Can Be Therapeutic)

A good book can be a great source of comfort and distraction. Choose a book that’s engaging and entertaining or one that might offer some insights on dealing with grief.

The Thoughtful Touch: It’s All in the Details (Because Small Gestures Can Make a Big Difference)

While a material gift can be a nice gesture, sometimes the most meaningful way to show you care is through a thoughtful touch. Here are a few ideas:

A Handwritten Letter or Card

In today’s digital world, a handwritten letter or card can be a truly special gift. Take some time to write a heartfelt message expressing your condolences and offering your support.

Share a funny story or memory about the deceased, or simply let the man know you’re there for him if he needs anything.

Offer Your Time and Support

Sometimes, the best gift you can give is your time and support. Let the grieving man know that you’re there for him, however he needs you. Whether it’s lending a listening ear, helping with errands, or simply keeping him company, your presence can make a big difference.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and offer specific help, rather than just saying “let me know if you need anything.” This can take the pressure off him to figure out how to ask for help.

Plant a Tree in Memory of the Deceased

Planting a tree in memory of the deceased is a beautiful way to create a lasting tribute. Choose a tree that has special meaning to the grieving man or the deceased, and plant it in a place where it can be enjoyed for years to come.

This can be a symbolic gesture of growth and new life, offering a sense of hope during a difficult time.

Conclusion: Showing You Care (Because That’s What Matters)

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to men’s sympathy gifts. The most important thing is to choose a gift that comes from the heart and shows the grieving man that you care.  (Even a simple gesture like bringing over a home-cooked meal from Tommy Sugo can make a big difference!)

When you’re stuck and unsure what to get, remember, that sometimes the best men’s sympathy gifts are practical, offer comfort, or simply help ease the burden during a difficult time.


  1. Is it okay to send flowers to a man as a sympathy gift?

    While flowers are a traditional sympathy gift, they might not be the most practical choice for a man. However, if you know the man loved flowers or had a specific connection to them, then they can still be a thoughtful gesture.

  2. What should I write in a sympathy card to a man?

    Keep it simple and heartfelt. Express your condolences, share a fond memory of the deceased, and let the man know you’re there for him if he needs anything.

  3. Is it appropriate to offer money as a sympathy gift?

    Money can be a helpful gift during a difficult time, especially if the grieving man is facing financial hardship. However, it’s important to be sensitive. If you’re unsure, it’s best to stick with a more traditional sympathy gift.

  4. What if I don’t know the grieving man very well?

    A simple card expressing your condolences is always a thoughtful gesture. You can also offer practical help, such as bringing over a meal or helping with errands.

  5. How long should I wait to send a sympathy gift?

    There’s no strict rule on timing. You can send a gift right away, or wait a few weeks to give the grieving man some space.

  6. What if the grieving man doesn’t seem to want my help?

    It’s important to respect his wishes. However, you can still let him know you’re there for him if he changes his mind.

  7. Is it okay to reach out to the grieving man even if I don’t have a gift to give?

    Absolutely! A simple phone call, text message, or even a visit to offer your condolences can make a big difference.

  8. How can I help a friend who is grieving?

    Just be there for them. Listen to them, offer support, and be patient. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is simply be a shoulder to cry on.

  9. Where can I find more resources on dealing with grief?

    There are many resources available online and in your community. You can also find support groups for people who are grieving.

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