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Australian Fundraising Made Easy Perth! Feeling Peckish? Fuel Your Fundraising with 3 Divine Dinners from Tommy Sugo!

Feeling the fundraising frenzy? Whether you’re rallying for a new school playground, raising vital funds for a local charity, or after a fun get-together with a good cause, you’ve considered the catering conundrum. Fear not, fellow Perthians! Here at Tommy Sugo, we’re passionate about deliciousness, and we reckon everyone deserves a cracking feed – primarily when it fuels a fantastic cause.

Critical Takeaways

  • Ditch the stress of Australian fundraising catering with Tommy Sugo’s gourmet Italian delivery.
  • Freshen up Australian fundraising events with a unique and delectable spread.
  • Support a local Perth business while raising those crucial funds.
  • Impress your guests with authentic Italian flavours made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.
  • Choose from a vast menu to cater to all dietary needs and preferences.

Let’s face it, the last thing you need when organising a fundraiser is the added stress of catering. Who wants to spend hours slaving over a hot stove when raffle tickets are sold, and decorations are to be arranged? That’s where Tommy Sugo swoops in like a superhero in a chef’s hat! We bring the restaurant-quality Italian right to your doorstep so you can focus on the fun and Australian fundraising magic.

Australian Fundraising Feasts Fit for Royalty (or Perth People)

A Symphony of Pastas for the Perfect Fundraiser

Imagine this: a room buzzing with conversation, laughter echoing as folks mingle, and a table overflowing with steaming plates of Tommy Sugo’s delectable pasta. Our menu boasts a veritable orchestra of flavour, from the classic comfort of our Harvey Beef Lasagne to the delightful vegetarian option of our Sweet Potato, Eggplant & Chickpea Wholemeal Ravioli.

Cannelloni Creations to Conjure Up Cash

Cannelloni? Now you’re talking! These delightful tubes of pasta goodness come stuffed with various fillings to tantalise every taste bud. Our Porcini Mushroom & Ricotta Cannelloni is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, while the Sicilian Beef Cannelloni in Napolitana Sauce offers a rich and hearty option.

Ravioli Revelry to Ramp Up the Fundraising Fun

Ravioli – those little parcels of joy! We’ve got a fantastic selection, including the ever-popular Beef Cheek & Red Wine Ravioli and the innovative Artichoke & Ricotta Ravioli. Try our Duck Ravioli with Wild Mushroom & Kakadu Plum for something a little different – it’s sure to be a conversation starter!

Gnocchi Nirvana for Fundraising Glory

Gnocchi – oh, glorious gnocchi! These pillowy potato dumplings are a fantastic addition to any Australian fundraising feast. Our Gluten Friendly Gnocchi is perfect for those with dietary restrictions, while the 5 Cheese & Spinach Gnocchi offers a decadent and creamy treat.

Divine Dinners to Delight and Donate

A Touch of Tuscany to Tickle Taste Buds (and Boost Fundraising)

Take your Australian fundraising to a new level with some of our specialty dishes. The Baked Ricotta, Sundried Tomato, & Caramelised Onion Tortelloni is a flavour explosion waiting to happen, while the Veal, Chicken, & Sauteed Bacon Tortelloni offers a touch of indulgence.

Saucesational Fundraising with Tommy Sugo’s Classics

Remember the sauce! Our sauces are simmered to perfection using only the freshest ingredients. The classic Napolitana Sauce – Tomato & Basil is a crowd-pleaser, while the “Siciliana Sauce – Capers, Capsicums, Anchovies” offers a zesty kick.

A Vegetarian Extravaganza for Eco-Conscious Fundraising

We haven’t forgotten our vegetarian friends! Tommy Sugo boasts a fantastic selection of meat-free options, perfect for creating a delicious and inclusive Australian fundraising spread. The 8 Vegetable Lasagne is a colourful and hearty choice, while the Pumpkin Feta Ravioli offers a delightful combination of sweet and savoury.

Gluten-Free Feasts for Fundraising Fun for All

Dietary restrictions shouldn’t stop the Australian fundraising fun! We offer gluten-free options, including our Gluten Friendly Gnocchi and Gluten Free Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli. So everyone can enjoy a delicious meal and contribute to your worthy cause.

The Sweet Side of Fundraising Success (and a Few Fundraising Tips)

Delectable Desserts to Deliver Fundraising Donations

No fundraising event is complete without a touch of sweetness! Tommy Sugo offers a selection of delectable desserts that will leave a smile on everyone’s face. While we might not deliver them directly (you wouldn’t want a messy melt!), consider partnering with a local bakery or even getting creative with some homemade treats. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Classic Italian Tiramisu: This coffee-flavoured ladyfinger dessert is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. You can quickly whip up a big batch ahead of time and portion it into individual servings.
  • Mamma Mia Mini Cannolis: These bite-sized ricotta-filled pastries are the perfect way to end a meal on a sweet note. They’re also relatively easy to make at home, or you can find them pre-made at most supermarkets.
  • Aussie Slice Extravaganza: Embrace the Australian fundraising spirit with classic Aussie slices. Think Lamington bites, decadent chocolate brownies, and maybe even a cheeky slice of pavlova!

Fundraising Tips: From Planning to Profit

Now that your taste buds are watering for a Tommy Sugo feast let’s delve into some handy Australian fundraising tips. Remember, planning is critical!

  • Set a Clear Goal: Before you dive headfirst into planning, determine a fundraising goal. This will help you decide how much you need to raise and how many people you need to attract.
  • Pick a Powerful Theme: A catchy theme can add excitement to your event. Consider the cause you’re supporting and brainstorm some fun ideas. For example, a “Tuscan Trattoria Night” would perfectly complement a Tommy Sugo spread.
  • Spread the Word: Get the word out about your fundraiser! Utilise social media, local community groups, and even good old-fashioned flyers to spread awareness.
  • Raffle it Up!: Raffles are a classic Australian fundraising activity and a great way to generate extra cash. Partner with local businesses to score some fantastic prizes.
  • Embrace the Entertainment: Live music, a trivia night, or even a silent auction can add a fun and interactive element to your event.
Australian fundraising

Tommy Sugo: More Than Just a Delicious Delivery

Supporting Local, One Plate at a Time

At Tommy Sugo, we’re passionate about more than just creating delicious food. We’re firm believers in supporting our local Perth community. By choosing Tommy Sugo for your Australian fundraising catering, you’re treating your guests to a fantastic meal and helping a local business thrive.

Freshness You Can Taste

We take immense pride in using only our dishes’ freshest, high-quality ingredients. You can be confident that you’re serving your guests food made with love and care.

Hassle-Free Fundraising Hero

Let’s face it, organising a fundraiser can be a juggling act. Tommy Sugo takes the stress out of catering, allowing you to focus on the other essential aspects of your event. We offer various menu options to suit all dietary needs and preferences, and our online ordering system makes the process quick and easy.

A Celebration of Flavors for a Worthy Cause

Food can bring people together, and that’s precisely what fundraising is all about. With Tommy Sugo by your side, you can create a memorable event filled with delicious food, laughter, and the joy of giving back to your community.


So, ditch the stress of cooking and embrace the Australian fundraising fun with Tommy Sugo! We’ll deliver the restaurant-quality Italian goodness, and you focus on raising those crucial funds and celebrating your worthy cause. Remember, a successful fundraiser creates a positive and memorable experience for your guests. With Tommy Sugo’s delectable dishes and a sprinkle of your creativity, your Australian fundraising event is sure to be a resounding success! Head on over to and explore our menu today. Let’s turn up the taste buds and realise those fundraising goals!


  1. Can I customise my Tommy Sugo order for my fundraising event?

    Absolutely! We understand that every event is unique. Feel free to contact our friendly team to discuss any specific needs or preferences you may have. We can help you create a menu that perfectly complements your fundraising theme and budget.

  2. Do you offer any discounts for fundraising events?

    While we don’t have a specific Australian fundraising discount, we offer bulk order discounts depending on the required quantity. Be sure to mention your fundraiser when placing your order, and our team will be happy to discuss your best options.

  3. What are the delivery fees for Tommy Sugo catering?

    Delivery fees vary depending on your location and order size. The exact cost will be calculated on our website during the checkout process.

  4. How do I ensure my Tommy Sugo order arrives fresh and delicious?

    We take pride in delivering our food fresh and piping hot. All our dishes are carefully packaged to maintain optimal temperature and quality. Upon delivery, we recommend reheating any items that require it following the simple instructions provided.

  5. What are some other ways I can use Tommy Sugo to support my fundraising efforts?

    Hosting a “Tommy Sugo Night In” is a fantastic option! Encourage your supporters to purchase a meal from our online menu and enjoy a delicious Italian feast at home. A portion of the proceeds from these orders can be donated to your chosen charity.

  6. Do you have any recommendations for vegetarian or gluten-free options for my fundraising event?

    Absolutely! We have a wide variety of vegetarian and gluten-free options available. Our 8 Vegetable Lasagne and Gluten-Free Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli are always crowd-pleasers. Be sure to browse our menu online to explore all the delicious possibilities.

  7. I have a question that’s not listed here. How can I get in touch with Tommy Sugo?

    No worries! Our friendly team is always happy to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact us via phone or email us. We’re here to help make your fundraising event a delicious success!

  8. Can I do anything else to ensure my fundraising event with Tommy Sugo is a hit?

    Create A Festive Atmosphere: Decorate your space with Italian flags, tablecloths, and maybe even some fun music to set the mood.
    Get Your Guests Involved: Encourage them to share photos of their delicious Tommy Sugo meals on social media with a fundraising hashtag.
    Express Your Gratitude: Thank your guests for their support and let them know what a difference their contribution is making to your chosen cause.

With a bit of planning, creativity, and, of course, the delicious flavours of Tommy Sugo, your fundraising event is sure to be a memorable and successful one! So head over to, explore our menu, and get ready to turn up the taste buds and raise those crucial funds for your worthy cause!

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