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Ditch the Dishes with 10 Epic Pizza Party Catering Ideas from Tommy Sugo! Perth’s Perfect Party

Let’s face it, Perthlings – sometimes, throwing a party is the easy part. The real challenge? Dealing with the aftermath. Between juggling guests, decorations, and maybe even a rogue sprinkler incident (we’ve all been there!), the last thing you want to worry about is mountains of dirty dishes.

That’s where Tommy Sugo swoops in, cape and all, to be your superhero of stress-free entertaining. We’re talking about Perth’s premier gourmet meal delivery service, specialising in bringing the taste of authentic Italy straight to your doorstep – minus the plane ticket and questionable airport food.

Now, you might be thinking: “Tommy Sugo, that sounds delicious, but isn’t it all about, well, sugo(tomato sauce for all you non-Italian speakers)? What about pizza party catering?”

Hold onto your hats, Perth, because we’re about to unveil 10 epic pizza party catering ideas that will have your guests raving!

Critical Takeaways

  • Planning a pizza party? Skip the stress and mess with delicious pizza party catering from Tommy Sugo!
  • We offer a huge variety of gourmet pizzas and Italian classics perfect for any size gathering.
  • Customise your order with dietary needs in mind, including gluten-free and vegetarian options.
  • Impress your guests with an effortless spread that lets you relax and enjoy the party.

Mamma Mia! The Classics Done Right (and Delivered!)

Feed a Crowd with our Signature Gourmet Pizzas

Let’s start with the main event: pizza! At Tommy Sugo, we don’t mess around with flimsy crusts and mystery toppings. We’re talking about pizzas piled high with fresh, seasonal ingredients, all baked to crispy perfection on our signature stone-baked base.

Feeling like a crowd-pleaser? Our Margherita (tomato sauce, mozzarella, fresh basil) is a timeless classic that never disappoints. Craving something a little more adventurous? Try our signature “Perth-a-licious” with roasted beetroot, caramelised onion, goats cheese, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze. We even have gourmet vegetarian pizzas like the “Funghi Frenzy” with a mix of wild mushrooms, roasted garlic, and truffle oil.

Bonus Tip: Worried about dietary restrictions? Don’t sweat it! We offer a selection of gluten-free pizzas, so everyone can join the pizza party fun.

Don’t Forget the Sides!

Pizza is fantastic, but a well-rounded spread is key to a truly epic party. That’s why Tommy Sugo offers a range of delicious sides that perfectly complement our pizzas. Think creamy garlic bread for dipping, a refreshing caprese salad with vine-ripened tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, or a platter of marinated olives to add a touch of Mediterranean flair.

Pro Tip: Feeling fancy? Up your side dish game with our decadent truffle fries or a creamy spinach and ricotta dip with crusty bread for scooping.

Sweet Endings: Desserts that Deliver

No party is complete without a touch of sweetness. Thankfully, Tommy Sugo has you covered there too! From our classic tiramisu to our decadent Nutella calzone (perfect for sharing, or not!), we have a dessert to satisfy every sweet tooth.

Going all out? Order a selection of our mini desserts for a delightful variety that won’t leave anyone feeling left out.

Beyond the Basics: Pizza Party Catering with a Twist

Themed Pizzas for the Win!

Want to take your pizza party catering to the next level? Consider a themed pizza selection! Planning a movie night? Order pizzas inspired by your favourite films, like a “Godfather” with smoky eggplant, salami, and mozzarella, or a “Lord of the Rings” with roasted pumpkin, feta cheese, and a drizzle of honey.

Feeling sporty? Get into the game spirit with pizzas inspired by your favourite teams, with toppings reflecting their colours or mascots. The possibilities are endless, and a themed pizza party is a guaranteed conversation starter.

DIY Pizza Station: Let Your Guests Get Creative

Feeling adventurous? Set up a DIY pizza station! We’ll provide the pre-baked pizza bases, a selection of gourmet toppings, and some delicious sauces. Your guests can unleash their inner chefs and create their own pizza masterpieces.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget the fun extras! Think chopped fresh herbs, crumbled cheeses, and even some sliced fruit for a truly unique pizza experience.

More Than Just Pizza: Expand Your Horizons

While pizza is our specialty, Tommy Sugo offers a whole lot more to tantalise your taste buds and make your pizza party catering truly unforgettable. We’re talking about a treasure trove of gourmet Italian classics that go way beyond the realm of your standard slice.

pizza party catering

A Feast for the Senses: Elevate Your Pizza Party Catering with Tommy Sugo

Pasta Perfection: Beyond the Box

Imagine this: your guests arrive, greeted by the heavenly aroma of simmering tomato sugo. They mingle, chatting, and then… BAM! Trays upon trays of steaming hot, gourmet pasta dishes are unveiled. This is the power of Tommy Sugo’s pasta party catering.

We’re talking about handcrafted pasta dishes made with love (and the freshest ingredients, of course). Our menu boasts everything from classic lasagna (both traditional and gluten-free options available!) to decadent ravioli filled with succulent slow-cooked lamb or a medley of wild mushrooms.

Vegetarian friends not forgotten! We have a fantastic selection of veggie-packed pasta dishes, like our ever-popular pumpkin and feta cannelloni or our vibrant primavera vegetable lasagna.

Antipasti Appetisers: A Culinary Journey Begins

Set the stage for an unforgettable culinary journey with a selection of Tommy Sugo’s mouthwatering antipasti appetisers. Picture this: a beautifully arranged platter overflowing with marinated olives, cured meats, roasted vegetables, and creamy dips. It’s a visual and tastebud explosion that will have your guests reaching for seconds (and thirds!).

Pro Tip: Pair your antipasti platter with a selection of crusty bread for dipping and a bottle of your favourite Italian wine for an authentic experience.

Sweet Endings: Desserts that Deliver

We mentioned our decadent desserts before, but here’s a little secret: Tommy Sugo offers a selection of gourmet cheese platters that are the perfect way to end a delicious Italian feast. Imagine a selection of imported cheeses, fresh seasonal fruits, and a drizzle of honey – a sophisticated and oh-so-satisfying finale.

Feeling fancy? Add a selection of biscotti for dipping, or a platter of delicate Italian pastries for an extra touch of indulgence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pizza Party Catering with Tommy Sugo

Q: How far in advance do I need to order my pizza party catering?

A: We recommend placing your order at least 48 hours in advance to ensure we have everything you need for your party. However, if you’re in a pinch, feel free to give us a call – we’ll do our best to accommodate last-minute requests.

Q: Do you offer delivery?

A: Absolutely! Tommy Sugo delivers fresh, gourmet meals straight to your doorstep throughout the Perth metro area. Delivery fees may apply, but you can find all the details on our website or by giving us a call.

Q: Can I customise my pizza party catering order?

A: Of course! We understand that everyone has different tastes and dietary needs. That’s why we offer a wide variety of pizzas, pastas, and sides to choose from. You can even mix and match to create a menu that’s perfect for your party.

Q: Do you offer vegetarian and gluten-free options?

A: We are committed to catering to all dietary needs. We offer a selection of delicious vegetarian and gluten-free pizzas, pastas, and sides. Just let us know your requirements when you place your order.

Q: How much does pizza party catering cost?

A: The cost of your pizza party catering will depend on the number of guests you’re catering for and the items you choose from our menu. However, we offer competitive pricing and believe you’ll find our catering options to be excellent value for money.

Q: What if I have a question that’s not listed here?

A: No worries! Our friendly team at Tommy Sugo is always happy to answer any questions you may have about our pizza party catering. Feel free to give us a call or send us an email, and we’ll be happy to help.

Ready to ditch the dishes and create an unforgettable pizza party?

Head over to today to browse our menu and place your order. With Tommy Sugo taking care of the food, you can relax, enjoy the company of your guests, and create lasting memories.

Order now!

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