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Home Delivery Service is Easy!

Home Delivery service in Perth

Do you want a quick and easy Home Delivery Service for a meal delivery in Perth? Let’s face it, cooking from scratch can be time consuming, stressful and one of many things that have to be done in the evening. So, what do you do? There is always an easy way out like ordering Cook-at-Home meals that will save you time. There are plenty of meal delivery services in Perth, but we just happen to be the best one! Yup, and we are totally unbiased!

Tommy Sugo is has now morphed, from a focus on restaurants (we still have our take away in Nedlands) to be fully focused on customer convenience with next business day home delivery…FREE for orders over $90 – and we are loving it! We are humbled daily that our cook at home meals are a hit with decerning customers who want better than the mass produced pasta available in supermarkets

The home delivery service makes it easier for individuals or families to order and get meals within 24 hours.

Tommy Sugo packages meals are packed in reusable eskies that can be dropped at your doorstep when you are not at home. You also get FREE delivery for orders over $90.

Who do we serve?

Like any other business, our food is great for:

  • Busy people
  • Families
  • The elderly
  • People with diet preferences

Meal options to order from Tommy Sugo

Our Cook-at-Home Range includes heat and eat, gourmet pasta, gluten-free & gluten friendly options and family size meals.

Heat & Eat meals

These refer to precooked meals that require one to heat before eating. Buying heat and eat meals is no different from ordering food in a restaurant except for home delivery, you have the luxury of eating in your own space. Check out our ever evolving range of lasagnas, cannellonis, arancinis and croquettes!

Gourmet Pasta

When it comes to gourmet pasta, our pasta is NOTHING like super market pasta. You will definitely taste the different ingredients in our raviolis etc.  Some of our gourmet pasta includes Porcini Mushroom, Mascarpone & Truffle Oil Ravioli, Beef Cheek and Red Wine Ravioli etc.

Our pasta has been in development for the last 39 years and we are passionate about spreading happiness through food. Some of our signature pasta includes:

The Classic

Golden Australian durum wheat semolina and farm-fresh eggs are at the heart of our traditional family-made products.

Spelt Pasta

The ancient spelt grain has been welcomed into the family for its extensive health benefits. A non-genetically modified grain, spelt flour is a little more nutty and grainy than our other pastas, is super flavoursome and is easy on your digestion. Could it get any better? We are the only manufacturer in Australia who makes a range

Gluten-Free/Gluten Friendly

A gluten free meal refers to prepared food that does not contain any trace of gluten while gluten friendly are foods that were prepared with no intention of adding gluten but based on the place of preparation, there exist chances of gluten cross-contamination. We do make a gluten free ricotta and spinach ravioli which is amazing!

The word around town is that our gluten-friendly gnocchi (fluffy potato dumplings) are the bee’s knees. The people have spoken!

Advantages of home meal delivery services

Meal delivery services play a major role when it comes to saving time and enhancing convenience. Get some great restaurant quality meals at home, without the fuss.

Order now:

If you live in Perth Metro contact us: 0424 505 053 for Cook–at–Home Range deliveries.

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Meal Delivery Perth

Despite the craziness of our current times, with War, Corona Virus and Food Shortages, thankfully we are still 100% focused on providing the best meal delivery Perth has to offer!

Food supplies especially pasta are very low in supermarkets currently, but thankfully our pasta is nothing like super market pasta in availability or flavour.

With all our customer favourite pastas still being fully available, our food box delivery next day delivery to homes and businesses are continuing to feed those amongst us who appreciate gourmet flavours, natural ingredients and convenient access to meals. With a simple next day food delivery to all Perth suburbs, and free meal delivery of our cook at home range for all orders over $90, we will keep you well fed even in times of craziness.

Our ready meals delivered include our heat and eat pre cooked meals that are guaranteed to fill the belly and satisfy the most discerning of our customers. Here’s a few to wet your appetite:

Meal Delivery Perth

Meal Delivery Perth of Tommy Sugo tasty pastas


Ricotta and Spinach Cannelloni – just quietly we have a couple of very very flash restaurants in Perth who use our cannelloni a their own. So know that when you order your Perth Meal Delivery you are getting some of the tastiest pasta available, even as used by some pretty well known chefs and restaurants!

Harvey beef lasagna – with local Harvey beef, we get large chuck pieces of Harvey Beef, mince it ourselves and know the entire journey of the meat. It means once we mince the meat ourselves, that we can guarantee nothing but premium meat and ingredients are used.

Beef cheek Lasagna: so we get the full beef cheek, mince and slow cook for up to 8 hours. The flavour of this is insane! Rich and super tasty! One of our most popular lasagnas. It’s more expensive, but seriously amazing, and definitely suits our customers who really like a special treat…regularly!

 And although the next gourmet pastas are not exactly heat and eat, they do take less than 10 minutes to prepare. If you can boil water in a pot, you can make some of the tastiest pastas in Perth. 

Duck ravioli with wild mushroom and Kakadu plum

Beef cheek and red wine Ravioli (one of our most popular)

So to grab you meal delivery Perth metro, order a meal box food delivery on line with us now and stock up while we still have it! Who knows what the future holds? If you do, please tell me!


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Organising your next function or party and giving it that extra special touch, which is guaranteed to both satisfy and deeply impress your guests can always present one with a bit of a challenge. As a host, you would ideally want to put on a sumptuous spread that comes with a little flourish, which can satisfy the most discerning of palates. An excellent and accommodating host would also be actively seeking to make any and all allowances for the particular dietary requirements that their guests may have.

If you are a potential host located in the Perth Metro area who is actively reaching for a healthy, tasty, and reasonably priced catering option for your next event, look no further as you have definitely come to the right place. The team and family here at Tommy Sugo have got you and your guests’ needs fully covered, and we can guarantee you that we are more than up to the task. We appreciate that planning a successful function or party involves a fairly decent amount of logistics and we would like to offer you the absolute peace of mind of knowing that the catering aspect of your event is in our very capable hands.

We can offer you quite a wide array of catering packages which will perfectly suit your next event be it a milestone birthday, corporate fundraiser, any conceivable occasion that is worthy of celebration or a function or party requiring that elusive (pardon our French) je ne sais quoi (or non so che in Italian) which would endow the mise-en-place with an extraordinary and unforgettable pièce de resistance.

The Tommy Sugo team prepares our classic range of pastas; sauces; pestos; dips, arancinis and much more, informed by our deeply ingrained passion for delivering happiness to our clientele through food.  We also strive to cater to you in a manner that always seeks to imbue a semblance of nutrition and wellbeing into the mix by giving all our products a bit of the renown Tommy Sugo healthy twist.

Whether you are catering for a small soirée of 10 people or a relatively larger gathering of 400 people, the Tommy Sugo team can provide your function or party with exemplary finger foods, such as our world-famous baby arancini balls, or gourmet main courses, such as a fancy ravioli with porcini mushroom, mascarpone cheese and truffle oil among a host of other traditional and authentic Sicilian delicacies.

Once you have chosen to order from us, all our catering menu items are dutifully prepared at our restaurants with fresh ingredients and then promptly served hot to your door on the day of your event. Our delectable catering platters are available seven days a week on demand from our restaurant.

We can offer you catering packages with prices that align with any budget starting from the supremely affordable price of $8.00 per person. Our catering menu can provide your next event with gluten free and gluten friendly as well as vegan options and you can also rest assured that the Tommy Sugo team does not just stop there as we confidently cater for almost every dietary desire known to man.

If you want to organise an event with a selection of Italian cuisine for the ages, please feel free to click here  to explore our catering menu options. Alternatively, you may get in touch with Nathan from our team to discuss further using the contact details below:

0424 505 053

Tommy Sugo Nedlands- Broadway Fair Shopping Centre. 88 Broadway, Nedlands WA.



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Your school; charity; club; group, or organisation is planning an upcoming fundraiser, where people will gather at a physical location, and you are all wracking your collective brain actively searching for that extra something which is sure to make it a standout event and increase its likelihood of being a roaring success for the good of the cause that you are supporting.

Good news! You can rest easy as the Tommy Sugo team and family has the missing ingredient that you are seeking. What if we told you that you could serve our range of healthy and tasty authentic Sicilian cuisine at your event, which is all but guaranteed to satiate the most sophisticated of palates while raising funds for your cause in the process?













You now have the chance to make a Tommy Sugo Pop Up Store a feature at your next fundraising event. Our very capable team will help you fully set up the store and then take care of everything including staffing and running it, for up to three hours. On the menu for your attendees will be our locally renown Cook-At-Home Range of meals including pasta; sauces; pestos; dips; arancinis and much more. As always, our menu items are prepared with the signature Tommy Sugo healthy twist, where possible, and we also offer gluten free, gluten friendly and vegan options.

Once the Pop-Up Store has been set up at the event, you will be able to raise funds for your group, organisation, cause, or project by generating a commission from any sales made to your attendees. Based on the performance of other fundraisers that we have assisted with in the past, we can confidently state that it is not unusual to generate a commission of up to $500.00 from the Pop-Up Store at each particular event. You have the option of choosing to repeat this multiple times at different fundraising events throughout the year for a greater cumulative effect.

We can also reassure you that all sales from the Pop-Up Store are recorded using a point-of-sale system for the sake of complete transparency.

For a greater exponential boost to your fundraising activities, the Pop-Up Store at your events can also be combined with some of our other fundraising options such as a Customised Home Delivery Link that helps generate commissions from digital sales (and which is super easy to use and ideal for those with a busy lifestyle). We also offer help with graphic design; assistance with social media marketing content; presentation and sales training; and promotion of your cause or event to our database of customers. All of the above options are set out in detail in our fundraising brochure that you can download a full copy of by click here.

The Tommy Sugo team has also introduced recently introduced the following to complement the Pop-Up Stores and other fundraising options:

  • Arancini Bar Cook Up: which is well suited to School Open Nights, Sports Carnivals, School Discos, Parent’s Nights, School Camp, Book Week, and Italian Lessons.











  • Catering: where you can pick up a trial cooked pack of pastas, arancinis and croquettes to introduce our products to your group.


If you wish to partner with us to arrange a Pop-Up Store for your next fundraising event, please click here to complete our online form. Alternatively, if you wish to discuss any aspects of the commission or have any other specific queries in relation to the above, please feel free to get in touch with Nathan from our team using the contact details below:

0424 505 053

Tommy Sugo Nedlands- Broadway Fair Shopping Centre. 88 Broadway, Nedlands WA.




“The pop-up stall was so easy to organise, right from the get-go. It allowed parents to enjoy our Open Night, admiring the effort all the children & teachers had displayed in their classrooms, without having to rely on volunteers and organise supplies. Nathan and his team were a delight to engage with & parents were able to enjoy a snack & order their delicious meals for later. Our school families appreciated their service & will continue to support Tommy Sugo via our online ordering system.

A direct quote from one of the parents was “Absolutely loved it. The kids loved the arancini, they have tried it in the past and didn’t like them, they did that night and loved them. Perfect bite size for the kids”.

Another family have posted how delighted they are with the online ordering system & showed the community a photo of the esky & the variety of products. Quote “Excited, got my delivery today, little obsessed “

Thank you again Nathan & team.

-Mailee M. – Noranda Primary School P & C


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As a proud Perth based family business, the Tommy Sugo team has always strived to make a positive contribution to our local community. Our commitment to do so resulted in the establishment of Tommy Sugo Fundraising, which has been in operation since 2019.

The fundraising arm of our business was set up with the aim of being actively involved in local charitable initiatives by partnering with a wide variety of organisations including Perth schools; charities; groups; and clubs, who we have helped over the years to successfully raise 10’s of 1000’s of dollars. The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Darling Range Wildlife Shelter, Children’s Leukaemia & Cancer Research Foundation, St Colomba’s Primary (South Perth), Millen Primary School (Vic Park), HorsePower and Diving WA can be counted among some of our past fundraising partners.

Once Tommy Sugo Fundraising was up and running, it soon became apparent to us that there was a significant demand in the community for assistance in the field and that many of our partners were actively seeking unique and engaging methods of raising much needed income for a wide array of projects, while finding ways of providing great value to their supporters.

To this end, Tommy Sugo currently offers you a number of innovative, powerful, and easy options, for no charge, which you can utilise for your fundraising activities.

One of the options on offer is a Customised Home Delivery Link, that is similar to our own Tommy Sugo Online Order Form for home delivery orders of the Cook-At-Home Range of meals. The menu items on offer are drawn from our renown range of tasty and healthy unique gourmet pastas and other products which are guaranteed to be fresh frozen and free of additives or other artificial nasties that convenience foods are known for. You can feel free to access our home delivery menu by clicking here, so that you can explore our range or place an order to experience the ease of the full process and sample what you could be selling.

Once the Customised Home Delivery Link is generated, it can be used to raise funds for your group, organisation, cause, or project by allowing you to generate a commission from any digital sales. The link can also be shared via social media, newsletters, or by any other means of electronic communication that you regularly use in order to reach your intended audience, enabling you to skyrocket your potential commissions (as the more sales that you generate via the link, the higher the commission you make).

We can guarantee that when you utilise the Customised Home Delivery Link for fundraising:

  • All your sales and commissions will be processed in a manner that assures there is complete accountability and transparency.
  • All orders via the link will be delivered the next business day to customers located in the Perth Metro area; and
  • All deliveries to customers will be contact free and covid safe!

We also provide you with the freedom to use the Customised Home Delivery Link or also choose our other fundraising options which briefly include:

  • Pop Up Stores: which are set up for three hours at any physical location in Perth selling the same Tommy Sugo Cook-At-Home Range of meals that you can use via the link for your fundraiser.
  • Presentation and Sales Training: which is suited for corporate groups, as well as educating school children on real life business with a focus on real life application of skills learnt for boosting fundraising objectives
  • Graphic Design: which includes customised marketing artwork for your poster promoting the event.
  • Social Media Marketing Content: which includes assistance with video content and customised social media posts.
  • Promotion to Our Database: which includes promotion of your fundraiser to Tommy Sugo’s audience on social media.
  • 12 Page Colour Menu: which includes full colour paper menu provided to each of your sales delegates at no charge.

The above fundraising options can be chosen on their own or in conjunction with the Customised Home Delivery Link. Once you have chosen the option (or options) suitable for your needs, Tommy Sugo Fundraising will then conduct a quick assessment of your group or organisation prior to approving your request.

To see if your group, school, club, charity, or organisation would qualify to partner with Tommy Sugo Fundraising, please click here to complete our online form.

You can also download a full copy of our fundraising brochure for your review by clicking here.

If you wish to discuss any aspects of the commission or have any other specific queries in relation to any of the above fundraising options, please feel free to get in touch with Nathan from our team using the contact details below:

0424 505 053

Tommy Sugo Nedlands- Broadway Fair Shopping Centre. 88 Broadway, Nedlands WA.

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Amazing New Gluten Free Options

Gluten free options are now highly sought after and thankfully over the past 10 years the options, quality, flavour and texture have all dramatically improved. Being in the health industry for many years, I have seen the development of cardboard textured and flavoured pasta as the only option to now a vast variety of options. And thankfully so, as more and more people seem to be reacting to gluten or report to feel better in general when avoiding gluten products.

So the good news is that we have been very actively working on a range of gluten free and gluten friendly pastas, arancinis and more that have amazing texture, incredible flavours and that are fast and easy to prepare.

So what is the difference between gluten free and gluten friendly?

Gluten free is made with zero gluten in the ingredients and no risk of cross contamination. These products are prepared in a kitchen without gluten. So for the like of celiacs they offer a very safe option.

Gluten friendly products are those made containing zero gluten ingredients but are made in a kitchen that makes other products with gluten. Gluten friendly pastas and products are suitable for those who choose to avoid gluten as a lifestyle and dietary choice but are not going to react should there be some tiny amounts of gluten in the air or that manage to work their way into the gluten free ingredients.

As health is one of the most important factors in a persons life, we feel one of the most important things for our business is to clearly advise all our customers what products are gluten free and what ones are gluten friendly, so you can make your own dietary decisions based on clear facts.

So now that the definitions and facts are clarified, let me tell you about our amazing new gluten friendly and gluten free products we have developed.

Gluten Friendly Pumpkin Feta Arancini
We have made this using polenta for crumbing, it is cooked in the same oil we use to cook our other arancinis that do have gluten, but have zero gluten ingredients in the actual arancini

Jackfruit Curry Arancini
This is very different, new and exciting. We made this using desiccated coconut on the outside instead of wheat flour and jackfruit inside which is an amazing non flavoured fruit with a meaty type texture. We have added curry to this and I have to say it tasted amazing!! Simply heat in the oven or air fryer from frozen like all our meals and serve. It makes a really great entertainer and snack.

Gluten Free Ricotta Spinach Ravioli
This is certified gluten free and made in a kitchen that contains no gluten. Perfect for celiacs. Great texture and it’s so good you would not even know it’s gluten free.

All our Tomato based sauces (we currently have 3 types) and pesto sauce are gluten friendly. They contain no gluten ingredients but are made in our kitchen containing gluten. Sauces are a lot easier to make without gluten than pasta!!

Macaroni/ Gemelli / Spaghetti
These are 3 varieties of gluten friendly pastas we have started making. All fresh frozen, and should be cooked from frozen (don’t thaw them first). Corn is one of the main ingredient we use. Texture is great!!

Coming Soon;

We have just wiped up a gluten friendly Harvey beef lasagna and I have to tell you it was absolutely fantastic! We made it using a new gluten friendly béchamel recipe my Sicilian father in law created and it tastes creamy and absolutely amazing! So good in fact I think it gives our usual lasagnas a run for their money. Consensus is that we could not actually tell it was gluten friendly! So stay tuned for this one as it will be a real game changer.

Gluten free and gluten friendly are a real passion of mine so we will be bringing out a load of new gluten free and gluten friendly products soon so watch this space.

Tommy Sugo.

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Tommy Sugo Artichoke & Ricotta Ravioli

If you are not familiar with artichoke let me explain how amazing it is.









Artichoke is an immature flower bud of a thistle and it is thought to be one of the world’s oldest foods, even appearing in Greek mythology.

Artichoke is known for its nutty flavor and therapeutically is an anti-inflammatory, a digestive aid which reduces bloating and promotes regularity.

Artichoke is ranked as the number one overall vegetable for antioxidants, it also help combat oxidative stress related to chronic diseases and aging as well.

If you are looking for a super healthy and tasty meal, our Artichoke and Ricotta Ravioli will definitely bring our the Italian in you being a very popular Italian vegetable.

WARNING: Be careful, you may spontaneously break out speaking Italian after eating it so ensure your translator is close by at all times!








Order Here 


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Tommy Sugo Spelt Raviolis

So, if you are feeling a little adventurous (not sky diving type adventurous) but want something that tastes absolutely awesome, its different from boring old usuals in your diet and is healthy.
Try our spelt raviolis as something a bit different.
We make Australia’s ONLY spelt raviolis;
Lamb with Bush Tomato & Native Mint Spelt Ravioli and Ricotta & Pesto Spelt Ravioli
We make these from one of the healthiest grains available – Spelt.
Spelt grain is an ancient wheat free grain, that is over 10,000 years old (all our other ingredients are a lot fresher)
But here is the amazing thing…and you probably won’t believe me until you actually taste it: “It tastes absolutely amazing for something so healthy!!”
Here are the benefits of spelt.       

  â—‰It’s higher in fiber.

  â—‰ Slightly lower in carbs than standard durum semolina (standard pasta flour).

  â—‰ It has kind of a whole meal appearance and nutty flavour profile.

  â—‰ It’s really light on your tummy and doesn’t cause bloating, so it’s great for most people with wheat sensitivities.

I can’t count the number of customers I’ve spoken to over the years who I can see don’t really believe me about something tasting so good that is actually healthy too, yet they reluctantly purchase some of our spelt ravioli based on my recommendation, then come back a week later and rave like totally rave in full description and go on and on and on about how good it is! I’ve never had anyone not like it (Please don’t be the first).

Watch our videos on spelt raviolis for more details.
Lamb with Bush Tomato & Native Mint Spelt Ravioli:

Ricotta & Pesto Spelt Ravioli:

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Tommy Sugo Jack Fruit Arancini

b We just added a new yummy arancini to our gourmet cook at home range! It’s a very different and definitely worth sharing. We made it with jack fruit and a curry inside. If you are adventurous, you might want to try it.

Jack fruit is an amazing fruit, it’s not sweet in our arancini it’s actually savory and it’s like meat in consistency really weird and different but super tasty. We have made it vegan and gluten friendly (No added gluten ingredients but made in our kitchen containing gluten). Just heat from frozen and eat!

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FREE ARANCINI BALLS! Tommy Sugo will be down at Goodlife Carousel today between 5-7pm for free taste testing. Come and try our delicious Arancini Balls. Get in quick… they won’t last long!

FREE ARANCINI BALLS! Tommy Sugo will be down at Goodlife Carousel today between 5-7pm for free taste testing. Come and try our delicious Arancini Balls. Get in quick... they won’t last long!

FREE ARANCINI BALLS! Tommy Sugo will be down at Goodlife Carousel today between 5-7pm for free taste testing. Come and try our delicious Arancini Balls. Get in quick… they won’t last long! (Taken with Instagram at TOMMY SUGO)

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